Hold on, sis. Before you commit to spending your whole life (or even being exclusive) with that person, take a moment to consider if you’ve talked about the important stuff. It’s never easy to have sticky conversations about kids, fidelity, money or where you’re going to live. These conversations can be awkward, but they’re so important! But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun! We’ve made this list of 20 would you rather questions for couples who are ready to commit. This is a light-hearted way to start having some serious conversations! Some of these questions are just for fun, and others will make you think. Some are about one-off choices, and others will give you a sense of what your life together will look like. 

So, bookmark this page and have it handy for your next date night or game night. Here goes… 

Would you rather: 

  • Date someone you love forever, or marry someone you like but not love?
  • Be with someone you love more, or someone who loves you more? 
  • Move to another city for your partner, or find another partner where you are? 
  • Go to a nudist beach with your partner or watch the Northern lights together? 
  • Stop going out and save money for the future, or enjoy the present and be totally unprepared for the future? 
  • Cheat or be cheated on?
  • Cheat or break up? 
  • Forgive your partner for cheated on you, or never talk to them again? 
  • Buy things, or buy experiences? 
  • Be honest if you cheated, or lie about it and pretend to be the perfect partner? 
  • Be in a sexless relationship with someone you love and who loves you back, or be in a loveless relationship with someone you have great sex with? 
  • Adopt a dog or adopt a kid? 
  • Adopt a kid or never have a kid? 
  • Handcuff or be handcuffed? 
  • Workout together or binge-eat together? 
  • Live with his / her parents, or live by yourselves?
  • Set up a business together or never interfere with each other’s work? 
  • Combine all your assets or never have a say in each other’s finances?
  • Be friends with your partner’s ex or stop your partner from talking to their ex? 
  • Change your partner for your friends or your friends for your partner? 

Published by Prachi Gangwani

I write. I read. I do yoga. I hula hoop. I love cats and dogs in equal measure. I'd say the same for wine. My zen motto: "Eat kale for the body, cake for the soul." Find me on IG: @prachigangwani87

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