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Get It On When Aunt Flo’s In Town: All You Need To Know About Period Sex

Get It On When Aunt Flo’s In Town: All You Need To Know About Period Sex

tips for period sex

So, Aunt Flo’s in town, and despite the mess, you feel frisky. It happens. In fact, it’s common for women to feel horny when they’re on their period. There’s not enough research on exactly why some women want to get it on when the monthly visitor is around. But, experts suspect it’s because of the slight increase in testosterone levels on day 2 or 3 of menstruation. Yep, women have testosterone too, though in small quantities (and in case you didn’t know, men also have oestrogen). If we go by the hormone-driven-horniness theory (that’s not a real word. We just made that up. But it’s a real phenomenon), there are two times in a woman’s menstrual cycle when the hormones make her coochie hot and bothered. One, when she’s ovulating. There’s a surge of oestrogen and progesterone around 14 days before Aunt Flo comes knocking. At this point, the eggs are ready for fertilisation, and since we may well be slaves to our body, the body plays tricks on us to make us want to fertilise those eggs. The second time is when you’re on your period and testosterone rises. 

Whether it’s testosterone or not, period sex is a personal choice. Some people love it. Others, not so much. It’s totally okay to have period sex, and it’s also totally okay to skip it. Your choice and your partner’s choice entirely. But if you’re going to do it, we have some helpful tips and FAQs for you below. 

8 tips for period sex: 

  1. Do it on medium to light flow days. It will be less messy. 
  2. Lay towels underneath so your bedsheets and mattress don’t get soiled. 
  3. If you’re wearing a tampon or a cup, make sure to remove it before you start.
  4. Keep wet wipes close in case you get blood on your hands or other body parts, and want to wipe off. 
  5. Make sure your partner’s 100% on board with it. If they change their mind at any point, honour that. Period sex is not everyone’s cup of tea. 
  6. Avoid switching positions or moving around too much, if you don’t want it to get too messy. But it’s upto you. Just giving you a fair warning that bunny-hopping during period sex might make the room look like a crime scene. 
  7. Don’t do it if it’s uncomfortable in any way. 
  8. Most importantly, don’t overthink it! 

Talking about period sex can be awkward. A lot of people end up figuring things out while they are in the act. To save you some trouble, we’ve answered some common questions people have about period sex. 

What’s the best position for period sex? 

Shower sex is the best during your period. But if, for whatever reason shower sex is not your jam, then go for missionary (with towels laid under). It may be boring and unimaginative, but it’s the least messy.

Is it safe to use toys? 

Yes. But, make sure they are super clean. Wash right before use even if you had washed them before storing. If you’re using a sex toy for penetration, cover it with a condom for extra protection. 

Are there any benefits of period sex? 

Turns out, yes. Some women say period sex eases cramps. Some enjoy the natural lubrication menstrual blood provides. Generally speaking, consensual, enjoyable sex releases endorphins and endorphins make us happy. 

Can you have sex with a tampon or menstrual cup inside?

Hell-to-the-no! That’s not only unsafe, it’s also unnecessary. If you’re up for period sex, you can’t be afraid of a bit of bloodspill. On an unrelated note, if you’re new to using cups or are considering switching, check out this article about things you should know about menstrual cups.

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Can you get STIs with period sex? 

Yes, you can. Period blood is not a shield against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. In fact, some STIs are more easily transmittable when you’re menstruating, and you can pass them on to your partner. So, for everyone’s safety, use a condom.  

Can you get pregnant? 

Also, yes. While the chances are low, it’s not impossible to get pregnant with period sex.

Do guys like period sex? 

That’s a question for the guy you’re curious about! Period sex is a personal preference, and sex or gender has little to do with it. Some guys like it. Others don’t. Some women like. Others don’t. This isn’t something one can make a sweeping generalisation about. If you wanted to know whether a guy in particular likes period sex or not, ask him.  

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