10 Minimalistic Jewellery Brands With Pieces You Can Wear Anywhere!

Among the many things we love about minimalism, one is its versatility. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or a piece of jewellery, a minimalistic aesthetic can carry us through a variety of situations. This should especially be true for jewellery. Imagine a collection of pieces you can wear to a Sunday brunch, or a wedding, or a meeting, or a date, or even a jungle safari! Yes, one piece – or a few pieces – when paired with the right outfit can do the job. That’s why minimalistic jewellery is so cool. It’s jewellery that we can style, as opposed to being styled by it! If you agree, scroll down for our list of homegrown brands where you can start building your collection.

Non-Instagramable Self-Care That Actually Works 

There is nothing wrong with consumerist spirituality, for it makes people think about wellness. But, in this age of Instagramable everything, we run the risk of turning well-being into something that must be pretty all the time. Something outwardly. Indulgent. Out-of-the-ordinary. But, self-care is ordinary. It doesn’t always come in the form of bubble baths and spa days, or raw diets or sheet masks. 

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