Eternally Confused And Eager For Love Takes Us Inside The Conflicted Minds Of Urban Indian Men 

Ray is both endearing and annoying at once. He doesn’t want to hurt women, but still ends up making them feel unsafe. This contradiction highlights the problem with gender discourse today – men are given a long list of ‘Don’ts’ for their dealings with women. But in the absence of a list of ‘Dos’, many men find themselves lost and confused. 

Is He Emotionally Unavailable Or Unable To Express His Emotions?

Women often complain of men being emotionally unavailable and while this is true in some cases, in many cases, a man’s emotional unavailability is in fact, an inability to express his emotions. This is so common that there is a term for it – ‘normative male alexithymia.’ Coined by Ronald F. Levant of Nova Southeastern University, Normative Male Alexithymia, or NMA, refers to a man’s inability to put emotions into words. This stunting of emotional expression is a result of gender-stereotypical upbringing and socialisation. 

Rajat Mittal On The Pressure On Men To Be The Provider

Rajat was born and raised in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and grew up with a restricted idea of masculinity. Over time, having interacted with people from diverse backgrounds, he learnt that men shouldn’t be pigeonholed in rigid gender norms. One of the boxes that are patriarchal society puts men in, is that of the ‘provider’. Boyish is an attempt to break this box, and showcase facets of masculinity that have nothing to do with one’s bank account

Deepa Narayan On Inspiring Men To Break Away From Gender Stereotypes 

One would imagine that after speaking to hundreds of women about the ways in which our patriarchal society silences them, it would be impossible to care about men. To give room to their struggles, the ways in which they are boxed, and to deconstruct what the same system that pitches women as second class, does to men. Not for Dr. Deepa Narayan, though. 

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