Is Stress Making You Eat More? Here’s How To Stop 

When Neelam (Shefali Shah) from Dil Dhadakne Do sees her husband Kamal (Anil Kapoor) flirt with another woman on their anniversary, she goes to her room and gobbles up a slice of cake. No, she stuffs her mouth with cake, trying hard to not break down. This was one of the most memorable moments of this hard-hitting movie, and that’s because it’s all too real. Like many women, the stress of her husband’s many indiscretions pushed her to seek pleasure and relief from food. Although temporary, this sense of pleasure is exactly why we tend to eat when we’re stressed. 

Sorry, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Collarbone Exercises’. Trust Us. We Asked An Expert 

About 3600 people in India turn to Google every month for ‘Collarbone Exercises’. This number doesn’t include the numerous variations of the query with the same intent – ‘exercise for collar bone,’ ‘collar bone workout,’ and finally, ‘how to get collar bone’. I want to take a moment here to remind anyone who’s reading this – you have a collarbone. Every one has a collarbone. Some have visible clavicles. Others don’t.

Does Your Period Smell Bad? Here’s What’s Normal And What’s Not

Period blood is basically tissue and blood. So, obviously, it will smell a bit funky. Normal period smell is coppery, or metallic, because of the iron content in the blood that’s shed. Also, if you use pads, the blood stays in contact with the air for some time, and gets ‘oxidised’ so to speak. This is what leads to that musty metallic odour. Having said that, if your period smells really foul, there could be an issue. 

Get It On When Aunt Flo’s In Town: All You Need To Know About Period Sex

Period sex is a personal choice. Some people love it. Others, not so much. It’s totally okay to have period sex, and it’s also totally okay to skip it. Your choice and your partner’s choice entirely. But if you’re going to do it, we have some helpful tips and FAQs for you

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