Men are simple creatures. We are not half as subtle as women and usually, everything is out in the open for everyone to see. On the other hand, when it comes to matters of the heart, we can be annoyingly thick, miss, or even misread all the signals. Sometimes, a guy wouldn’t know his own feelings towards someone he is attracted to. And of course, if he did understand his own feelings, being straightforward means risking rejection, which everyone avoids. So, it’s a bit tricky to answer the question, “how to tell if a guy likes you?”

How to tell if a guy likes you

Although everyone is unique, there are some signs that you can rely upon. 

He looks you in the eye

Eye contact is the most obvious and easy-to-read sign. If you’re talking and he is listening while looking into your eyes, you can be sure you have his attention and he is listening intently. 

He makes an effort to keep the conversation going

If he likes you, he’ll make efforts to talk to you and be around you. He’ll try and keep the conversation going by asking thoughtful and meaningful questions, and listening intently while you’re answering.

He remembers what you told him

Maybe you’ve met him only a few times. Yet, if he remembers even the tiniest details that might have come up in your previous conversations, you can be sure he is interested in you. 

He shows his vulnerable side

We can only show our vulnerable side to people who we trust and with whom we feel secure. If he is sharing his emotions with you, telling you about his personal issues or something that he may be struggling with, you can be sure he trusts you and feels comfortable around you.

He asks whether you have a boyfriend

Well, there’s likely only one reason he would ask you this. To see if you’re available! And if you are, he wants to be your boyfriend. Also, if he gets jealous when you’re talking to other guys, that’s a sign he is interested. Next time, watch out for his reaction when you talk about other guys with him.

He is helpful

Guys like solving problems. They may not always be good at it, but they like to think of themselves as the ‘problem solvers.’ If he listens to you, both the good and bad, and tries to help you with the bad, you should take that as a sign. 

To him, your opinion matters

He respects you and shares details of his life with you. He talks about his plans for the future and he asks you for advice. To him, your opinion matters. If that is so, he likes you.

He is supportive

He supports you in your decicions and encourages you. He brings out the best in you and believes in you even when you don’t. Maybe you’ve wanted to rolerskate for a long time and he encourages you to do so. If that is so, you can be sure he likes you and cares for you.

He follows you on social media

He follows all our social media profiles. He also likes your photos and regularly. Guys won’t just send friend requests to girls they want to be friends with. If he reaches out to you on social media, likes your posts and maybe even comments on them, he is likely interested in you.

He tries to make you laugh

He tells you a lot of jokes and sometimes, very lame ones. He shares funny memes with you. If he likes you, he’ll try to make you laugh because he likes seeing you happy.

Not all guys are the same and so, there are a lot of things that could be indicative of his interest in you. If he is protective of you, you’ve met his friends and they like you, he likes hanging out with your friends, he makes sure you enjoy the time you spend with him, he is probably interested in being more than just friends!

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