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Stretch X Stretch Mark Repair Therapy 75ml - Keeping Zen
Dr Gangwani

Stretch X Stretch Mark Repair Therapy 75ml

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It is a common misconception that stretch mark creams should be used only after that broken fat and collagen tissue becomes visible on the skin. The visible marks are, sadly, the end of the saga. That's when the damage is done, and there's no going back. 

Stretch mark creams should be used when that stretched skin and tissue is just beginning to show; when, on your way to weight loss, you begin to see red marks, or when, your baby bump begins to show (and not after child birth). That's when stretch mark creams are most effective. 

If you are just starting your weight loss journey, and are celebrating those first few stubborn kilos being shed, or your baby bump is now beginning to show, it's the perfect time to start a preventing skin care routine for those stretch marks! In the case of lose skin, prevention is the key. Not cure. 


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