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Survey: Life After Divorce In India For Women

Divorce is a life-defining event. Once you sign off on your marriage, you can stay single or partner up; you can become a pioneer in your field of work, or work odd jobs to make ends meet; you can live alone, or with family, or friends; or, you can choose to remarry. But, you will always remain divorced. The label that you are legally stamped with sustains itself despite all the other things that you do with your life. And that’s just the irony of it. Once the deed is done, you don’t live your life as a “divorcee”. You simply live your life. But, somehow, this nihilistic status becomes something you carry with you at all times. Or, are reminded of, more often than you’d like. A lot of it has to do with the way a divorced individual is viewed and treated by others. Perhaps, most of it. A divorced woman is seen as “damaged goods,” “selfish,” “lonely,” “hot-headed,” or, “pathetic”; someone who either invokes pity or disapproval. But, she is neither of these things. The divorced individual is someone who walked away from an unhappy or abusive situation, and chose a happier life. Of course, the path after the dissolution of marriage is not always rosy, but that is life. 

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We're collecting stories, advice, experiences and tips from divorced women across the country to help make the world a better place for women who are going to walk out of bad marriages in the future!

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