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October, 2021 Horoscope: The Vibes Are High

October, 2021 Horoscope: The Vibes Are High

There is something in the air this month. The vibes are high. All you gotta do is ignite the spark. So are you ready to find out what October has in store for the lovers…and lusters? Let’s find out.


The month of October is all about new ventures and explorations in matters of the heart as well as the bedroom (or any other room that would make your engines go faster). So buckle up! Now is not the time to distract yourself with the other miseries of life. Whatever it is that has been holding you back, it is time to shake it off. Put on that sexy dress or the comfy shoes and leave the metaphoric couch behind and reignite your passion. You will never find what you are looking for any other way my lovely Aries bébés!


Sometimes the chase is exciting. But what happens once the thrill is gone? We get the prize and then start questioning if it was even worth it in the end. Sometimes we simply get intimidated by the challenges lying ahead. Are you resisting commitment because you are afraid of obstacles? Or do you know for a fact that there is unfair competition getting in the way? Listen to what the Universe is trying to whisper to you, tap into the ether, look for the not-so-obvious signs to figure out the answers. Your anxiety might, but your intuition never lies.


You are all about the pleasure principle this month! There is big love energy all around. You are fertile with new ideas (for some maybe with a little more than just ideas) and this month you are feeding your soul with it. After a down time in the love and sex department, you are definitely feeling the urge to honour your sensuality. The fall vibes and nip in the air is making you feel alive again and we are loving this vibe about you Geminis! Go be the Queen you were born to be.


What is causing all this confusion? Options are a great thing to have when you are going out for dinner but ultimately you need to decide on one main dish. Sample them all as one would with the entrées but make sure no one ends up getting hurt while you are trying to figure out which one to stick with! Open-ended things only work when everyone is aware of the situation. Not every detail needs to be on the table, but some amount of clarity would be nice.


It is time to heat things up. Instead of waiting passively for them to make the first move, why not do it yourself? If the phone conversations need a little bit of spice, go ahead and add that. If the distance has been feeling a tad too tiring, then work on bridging the gap – metaphorically as well as physically! What are you waiting for? Life is too short to not go after things you want. Where is that Leonine energy? Tap into that. The world is literally waiting for you now.


A friend is trying to play matchmaker this month for you my lovely Virgos. You want to get out there and mingle right? Having a little bit of help from our loved ones is never a bad thing. On the contrary, welcome it because you never know what pleasantly surprising road it may lead you down. No need to worry about the details right now. If an opportunity arises, simply go with the flow. Enjoy the new blessings as they come. All in all, you are in good hands. Let autumn work its magic in your love life.


One word that will define your October is harmony. If you have been waiting for that soul connection to come through and deliver, then deliver it will this fall. Your house of romance and love is all fired up this month, just the way you needed it. It will be all about balance. Communicate what you want to the Universe as she is all prepped to listen and give you all you ask for. Passion and healing can sometimes go hand-in-hand when everything aligns. Let love heal your soul.


Ever heard of the phrase “head over heels in love”? That will be you this October. A fresh new beginning is arriving for you. You will feel so giddy with joy that you may feel like you could actually fly! The emotions are literally overflowing. Wherever you look, they will be on your mind all the frisking time! This is how you felt when you had a high school crush! This is the rush of first true love. Bask in it and let your freak fly as high as you want. 


You are about to have an encounter of a lifetime, Saggi bébés! There are experiences that end up being lodged into our memories forever, and something tells me that is what is awaiting you this month. This is nothing to be afraid of, because this is going to be a connection that intuitively knows what will rock your boat, and is coming to deliver. Nurture yourself till then, listen to your emotions, to your body. Be in a receptive state of mind. But most important: don’t forget to make the most of it and have fun!


Someone is coming through for you, someone who is willing to put in the effort and go the distance to win your heart at all cost. There is a potential here to be that couple everyone looks at for hope and inspiration in a world full of heartbreak stories. But make sure you are not leading them on when you are not really convinced about the future yourself. You are allowed to take time and weigh the pros and cons without feeling the pressure. Grand gestures are great, but not when you need them to wait. So what will it be?


Have you ever had steamy hot sex like they show on TV and write about in pulpy romance novels? You know the kind that leaves both parties sweaty and panting, burns up through the sheets, even with the air conditioning on? No. Well, wait for October. We aren’t promising anything but just know that the gods of love and lust are shining down on you. Expect passion, expect joy, expects your cheeks to burn red. All we can suggest is keep a chilled bottle of aqua around. Just make sure it doesn’t become one of those ‘too much of a good thing’ kind of scenarios.


No one wants to be melodramatic, especially when it comes to love. It is good only in the world of fiction, but in real life it is exhausting. The good news? Your bad times are almost over. It sucks to find out the ugly side of people you wanted to trust. But in the long run, it is better to know. Rip the band-aid and let the wound heal in its own good time. You deserve a little breather. So no need to jump into anything you may not be ready for.

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