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10 Minimalistic Jewellery Brands With Pieces You Can Wear Anywhere!

10 Minimalistic Jewellery Brands With Pieces You Can Wear Anywhere!

minimalistic jewellery brands in india
Among the many things we love about minimalism, one is its versatility. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or a piece of jewellery, a minimalistic aesthetic can carry us through a variety of situations. This should especially be true for jewellery. Imagine a collection of pieces you can wear to a Sunday brunch, or a wedding, or a meeting, or a date, or even a jungle safari! Yes, one piece – or a few pieces – when paired with the right outfit can do the job. That’s why minimalistic jewellery is so cool. It’s jewellery that we can style, as opposed to being styled by it! If you agree, scroll down for our list of homegrown brands where you can start building your collection.

1. Mia by Tanishq

Mia stands for #MeInAction. Though their campaigns have always been made for working millennial women (which, by the way, we totally love), their jewellery is versatile. It can carry you through a workday, a date night and even a pre-wedding function! It is the first brand we remember that normalised dainty precious jewellery, and we love them for it!

2. Nicobar

Nicobar’s jewellery is sleek and rustic, much like everything else in their shop. Their pieces are inspired by elements of nature – dragonflies, peacocks, elephants, seashells – reminiscent of a jungle safari or a beach vacation. That said, you can totally don this classy dragonfly with a pantsuit!
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3. Dhora

If you’re looking for bold statement pieces dipped in gold, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, Dhora India is the place for you. These unmissable pieces will surely have people asking you where you shop (and when they do, direct them to us for amazing recommendations).
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4. Olio Stories

Olio Stories describes its latest collection Noor as ‘modern heirloom,’ and we’re totally for it! This tukda haar (below), for example, can be worn with a dress, a white shirt, or a saree or lehenga. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we have a special place in our hearts for jewellery that we can style with anything and everything. This is that.
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5. The Line

The Line makes dainty pieces in 18 carat gold, studded with gemstones and pearls. The pop of colour that comes from the gemstones makes the pieces dressy and spunky, despite their delicate size.
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6. Benaazir

There’s something so elegant about geometric jewellery designs. The sleek lines, the clean circles, and this gorgeous maze earring below. Benaazir has a collection of neat geometric earrings made in Sterling Silver. It won our hearts.
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7. Shop Lune

Modern, minimal, nomadic jewellery. That’s the tagline at Shop Lune, and surely, the collection doesn’t disappoint. They have pieces in budget-friendly brass, as well as pieces made of sterling silver and/or 18 carat gold for those of us who are looking for precious jewellery.

8. Zariin

While all their edits have something special, what got our attention was their pearl delicates. Whether you’re a bride or a guest at a Diwali party, you’ll find something in this elegant collection.

9. Perthro

Perthro’s pieces are made with a message. These statement pieces are emblems of female sexuality – the vulva, breasts, the uterus. Each piece has a story to tell, and this is exactly what’s so special about this one-woman army brand.

10. Zohra India

Chunky, animalistic yet chic – that’s what defines Zohra’s pieces. The designers take inspiration from geometric shapes and turn these into 3D statement pieces.
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