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Don’t Like Plain Water? Stay Hydrated With These 7 Infused-Water Recipes 

Don’t Like Plain Water? Stay Hydrated With These 7 Infused-Water Recipes 

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The surge of water-drinking-reminder apps confirms our suspicion that many people don’t like drinking plain water. No judgement. The tasteless liquid doesn’t do much for us either. But we don’t need an app to tell us how important it is to stay hydrated. Do you ever notice how your body reacts when you don’t drink enough water? Your body has many ways of telling you it’s thirsty (and actually feeling thirsty is just one way!).  

Here are a few signs you’re not drinking enough water: 

  • dry skin
  • sugar cravings
  • yellow pee
  • feeling sluggish
  • constipation
  • joint pain
  • poor digestion
  • dry mouth 
  • feeling dizzy 

Since we’re on the topic, let’s also break the myth that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. In fact, recommended water consumption varies and is dependent on multiple factors. Such as: 

  • sex and age (Umm yeah, but men apparently need more water than women, and women need more than children.)
  • where you live 
  • diet 
  • physical activity 

Since there’s no straight up formula to decipher how much water you should drink daily, let’s just say, drink enough so your pee is transparent and your mouth isn’t dry. But also, this statement is not an exact science. What’s important is that you drink water. 

If you – like so many others – don’t like plain water, these infused-water recipes below are just what you need. Infused water has a subtle flavour that makes it a tad less boring to chug. Before you scroll down for the recipes, below are some standard instructions that apply to all infused-water recipes: 

  1. Soak for a minimum of 2 hours. The intensity of flavour depends on how long you soak the ingredients for. While some, like cucumber, will infuse the flavour in about 2 hours, others might need to be kept overnight. 
  2. To prevent bacteria growth, keep the infusion in the fridge. 
  3. Use the freshest ingredients. 
  4. Use the right equipment. 
  5. Eat the fruit after you finish the water 🙂 

Now that you’re clear on the instructions, try out these delicious infused-water recipes that will make your summer days brighter (in a good way, of course). 

Cucumber and Mint 

This is like the ABC of infused-waters. It’s a basic recipe that should be your summer cooler drink. 

Steps: Slice the cucumber, with its skin intact. Throw in a bunch of whole mint leaves, and let it sit for a couple of hours. 

Strawberry and Basil 

Combine the sweetness of strawberries and freshness of basil in this infused water. The quantities of the ingredients will depend on how sweet you want your water to be. We recommend a minimum of 4 strawberries per bottle. 

Steps: Chop the strawberries in neat chunks. Throw in whole basil leaves, and wait for the magic to happen. 

Mango, Chilli and Mint 

Do you like spicy food? Why not also make your water spicy? The chilli will add a mice kick to this otherwise sweet, fruity infused water. 

Steps: Chop up the mango, and slice a green chilli across its spine. Chuck it into the water, along with a fistful of fresh mint leaves. 

Grapefruit and Thyme 

Grapefruit has a bittersweet taste which many people don’t like. Skip this infusion if you’re one of those people. But if you enjoy this citrus fruit, then slice it up for a bittersweet summer drink. 

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Steps: Cut the grapefruit in thin, round slices. Add it to the water, along with fresh thyme, and let it get to work. 

Apple, Berries and Cinnamon 

Do you like apple pie? Apple cinnamon cake? Well then, you’ll love this infusion! 

Steps: Slice up the apple. Feel free to use any kind of apple (or a combination of green, golden, red) you like. Add apple slices, whole berries and one medium to large sized cinnamon stick to the water, and let it infuse for a few hours. 

Tulsi and Ginger 

Tulsi and ginger are favourite desi nuskhas. If summer’s too hot for adrak tulsi chai, then have adrak tulsi infused-water! 

Steps: Cut up the ginger in thin slices. Throw it into the water with whole tulsi leaves, and let it sit for a few hours.

Peach and Mint 

This peachy infused-water will also curb your sugar cravings! Try to get juicy peaches for maximum flavour. 

Steps: Chop up the peaches in small cubes, with the skin intact. Add them to water, with whole mint leaves. Wait for it to infuse, and go ahead and glug it down like the badass you are! 

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