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18 Fool-Proof Ways To Start A Conversation With A Crush 

18 Fool-Proof Ways To Start A Conversation With A Crush 

how to start conversation with crush

Do you relate to those memes about people not keeping their cool in front of a crush? Do you have no chill when you are around someone you like? Relax! We’re not judging! It happens. But we bet you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself and end up saying something stupid. For example, cheesy pick-up lines don’t work! Trust us, they’re so 2000 and late! In 2021, you want the conversation to be real We’ve drawn up a list of fool-proof conversation topics for when you meet your crush. We promise you these will make it easy to start a conversation with your crush, and keep it going, without embarrassing yourself in the process. 

Give them a compliment 

But make sure this compliment is genuine and actually based on something they’ve done or said, or worn. And don’t make it a generic compliment. Saying ‘you’re hot’ or ‘I love your smile’ doesn’t quite cut it. One doesn’t have any control over how they look, so you’re not exactly complimenting who they are, but just making a comment on something they were born with. Instead, try telling them you like that they are hard-working, or kind. Or, you could compliment them on something they wore. Like, ‘that shirt looks good on you’! 

Ask them if they saw the latest movie everyone’s talking about

Or really, any movie. You can take this conversation far! Start with one movie, move on to the next and the next. When you find a movie you’ve both watched, talk about what you liked in it and what you didn’t. Not only will this keep you talking for a while, it will also help you to get to know each other better, and you could end with asking them out for a movie! 

Send a meme

Thank the meme makers for opening up a whole new world of communication! There are people whose only job is to make memes. No, we’re not joking! At some point, we will also hire a meme-maker. Anyway, appreciate them, and use their work to forward your cause. Send a funny meme to your crush, and make them laugh for some solid brownie points. 

Ask them if they are a cat person or a dog person

This is an insightful question without being too intrusive or intimidating. Here’s why: Cat people don’t like a fuss. They don’t like making too much noise and don’t like a partner who is too out there either. They will do what they want, and don’t want any drama! Dog people are bubbly and cheerful, and want everyone to know that they are bubbly and cheerful. They will want you to greet them with enthusiasm every single time – like each time is the first time you’re meeting them. They love cuddles and want to be told you love them, all the time! 

Send them a flirty song 

Let music do the talking. Find a nice song that reminds you of your crush and send it to them. Tell them to look up the lyrics, and make sure you mention that the song made you think of them! 

Ask to borrow something 

A book, stationery, dumbbells – find out what if there’s something else they like to use or do (like maybe they play the guitar?) and ask to borrow it for some time. Tell them you’re interested in reading that book or learning how to play the guitar. Then, talk about the said book, or if they play an instrument, ask them for some tips. 

Ask them for help with something

People feel important when they are asked for help. But you have to be smart about it. Don’t ask them to help you with something they don’t like or aren’t good at. They may feel you’re mocking them. Do your research. Find out what they are passionate about or good at and ask them for help with that. 

Ask them about what kind of dates they like

This one’s a little direct, but what’s the worst thing that can happen? They’ll stop talking to you? Well at least you’ll know they’re not into you. So go ahead and ask them about their favourite place to go for a date, or what’s the best date they’ve ever had. Just… don’t get competitive and insecure about it okay? 

Invite them over for a cookout 

Tell them you’re cooking and would love for them to come over. A weekend brunch is a safe bet and it won’t make them feel suspicious or uncomfortable. Throw in some beers or sangria or a fruity cocktail. It will give you a good opportunity to hang out with them and get to know them better. But, go into it with no expectations. If sparks fly, great. If they don’t, hey, at least you tried! 

Throw random questions at them 

What superpower would they like to have? What would they do if they could go invisible? Are they a mountain person or a beach person? What’s the weirdest food they’ve ever eaten? Night monger or a morning person? Ask them random questions and don’t overthink it. Pretend you’re hanging out with a friend you’re suddenly super curious about. 

Ask them about favourite childhood activities

Strike up a conversation about childhood games. What did they like to do when they were younger? Tell them how you spent your childhood. Get nostalgic about it, and this will encourage them to share fun stuff about their childhood with you. 

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This or that?  

Take the Instagram challenge to the next level! Get personal with this or that questions. Here are some examples to get you started: 

  • Go to a club or stay in and order pizza?
  • Work out in the morning or sleep in? 
  • Stay single forever or get back with an ex?

Never have I ever…

Here’s another fun game you could use to strike up a conversation with a crush. You could ever get cheeky with this one and say something like, ‘Never have I ever met someone as funny as you!’

Ask them about their first ever childhood memory 

This will have them wracking their brains, because first ever childhood memories are not easy to access. But ask them and challenge them to remember, and in the process, you’ll learn something precious about them! 

Ask them their pet peeve 

What annoys the crap out of them? In any case, you should know this if you want this crush to progress into something meaningful. 

Ask them for shopping advice

Tell them you need to buy xyz, and ask them if they have a recommendation. But here too, you want to make sure you ask them about something they know enough about. If your crush doesn’t drive a car, you don’t want to ask them which car they think you should buy. 

Ask them for a restaurant recommendation 

And then…

Ask them out! 

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