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How To Buy Yourself Flowers

How To Buy Yourself Flowers

Nancy Etcoff, a clinical psychology researcher at Harvard Medical School surprised 55 women of various ages and backgrounds with bouquets of fresh flowers several times over the course of two weeks. She then asked them to journal about how they felt living with flowers in their homes. Sure enough, having flowers made them happier. Flowers are reminders of sunshine, growth and beauty.

I buy myself flowers every week. These dainty bunches are my favourite pick-me-up on low days, and the cherry on top of the cake on good days. I’m blessed to have a flower Mandi close to my house where I can pick up all sorts of exotic blooms for cheap. So, every week, I hop in my car and drive to the Mandi for some flower-picking. I pick up individual bunches and arrange them myself and that’s where the true magic lies. I’ve done this enough number of times to say that I have some expertise in buying and arranging flowers – it could very well be an alternate career for me 😂. So here’s my two cents on how to buy yourself flowers, and how to put fresh flowers in a vase:

Skip the commercial retailers and find a wholesale market.

how to put fresh flowers in a vase

For three reasons:

  • The flowers are fresher
  • They are cheaper
  • And you’ll find a much wider variety than you would at any commercial shop

Buy one bunch of gypsies for every one bunch of other flowers you buy

how to put fresh flowers in a vase

Gypsies are super versatile and will give your flower arrangement a rustic look and feel.

It’s okay to buy day old flowers

cute flower arrangement for centre piece

On my last trip to the Mandi, I learnt that they sell one day old bunches at less than half the price! Obviously, I bought those over the ones that had arrived just that morning. It’s been three days since and the flowers look just as lovely. They last longer than you’d expect.

You can use practically anything as a vase

hand cream and sanitizer

Here’s a fun thing I do with flowers – I sprinkle them in little bowls across the house. This one’s in the bathroom, of course. The Dot & Key hand cream is neatly nestled in a bowl of camphor and fresh flowers. BTW, I totally recommend the hand cream. Buy it here! I have used old jars, jute baskets, brass vessels and even pencil stands for my flower arrangements. Think out of the box! Speaking of which, yes, you can use a box too. Without the lid of course.

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Cut the stems in different lengths

how to put fresh flowers in a vase

This golden trick will take your flower arrangement from fast fashion to designer. I take one stem at a time, and cut it at any random length. I don’t measure it against other stems – only against the vase to ensure that the bloom is above the rim. The end result is a wild posse that is unique and impossible to replicate! And voila, you have a designer bouquet for the price of a tank top from H&M.

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