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8 Things 20-Something Women Want Men To Know

8 Things 20-Something Women Want Men To Know

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Dear men,

Years of suppressed silences has led to many misconceptions about both men and women. Let’s take a moment to clear out the air. Here are a few things 20-something women want you to know:

Marriage woes

Don’t question why we don’t want to get married yet when maybe it’s your “manly” behaviour that scares us and we want to be ultra-sure if we even want any man for life. 


We’re aware of our biological clocks, but the noise of other people sounding alarms is often louder than the tick-tock of our passing impregnable years.

Marriage ≠ settling down 

Don’t ask us to “settle down” when you mean “get married”. The former certainly doesn’t need wedding vows or any sort of deadlines.

We aren’t asking for it! 

When you tell us our clothes invite troubles for us, we wonder why doesn’t molestation and rape end when we dress up in ethnic suits and sarees.

Make up your mind! 

You can’t consider us too young or naive to travel alone and at the same time, tell us we are ready for a lifetime of commitment to a man. Please make up your mind! 

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There is no dress code for feminism 

A feminist can very well be a homemaker wearing “modest and traditional clothes”.. Believing that women should have equal rights doesn’t demand a dress code or being rebellious in your eyes. 

But what about financial planning? 

Financial planning and literacy is not a gender thing! It’s everyone’s responsibility to learn how to manage money. So, if you see a woman struggling thanks to years of keeping women away from money matters, help her out instead of telling her she doesn’t need to worry about finances.

She isn’t your right… or responsibility 

Women aren’t your right or even your responsibility. We’re equals navigating a world that likes to differentiate between us.

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