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10 Organic Beauty Products By Deyga, That Every Woman Needs In Her Vanity Box 

10 Organic Beauty Products By Deyga, That Every Woman Needs In Her Vanity Box 

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Skin-care is soul-care. While yes, a beauty routine must involve effective products that are suited to your skin type, when those products leave a divine smelling aura behind, it gives us a different level of satisfaction. The many benefits of organic beauty products aside, this is one reason why I’d pick a moisturizer that makes us smell like a bouquet of jasmine, over one that makes us smell like an empty bottle of betadine. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, in our never-ending search for the latest organic beauty brands, we found Deyga. The first thing that popped up as we opened the website was a rose serum. Like, Hello! It’s me you’re looking for! 

We had to explore this brand. The deeper we went into the Deyga-hole, the more we fell in love with the sheer variety and innovativeness of the products. A beetroot lip balm? Hell, yes! Rose and Mulethi face pack? We want to try it! Berry and Peppermint foot crystals? MUST HAVE! In fact there are many must-haves by Deyga. Here are 10 you should definitely invest in: 

Turmeric face mask

Turmeric paste is an age-old favourite for a healthy and glowing skin. This face mask packs the goodness of turmeric and gives your skin its required dose of antioxidants. 

Charcoal face pack

Charcoal has cleansing properties, which are excellent if you live in a city with high pollution. 

Jasmine toner

Because who would pass up something that smells of jasmine? 

Beetroot lip balm:

Women in our grandmothers’ generation used to paint their lips with beetroot juice. It would leave a red tint which wouldn’t get washed off. That was a clever hack that’s gotten lost somewhere along the way. This beetroot lip balm will not leave a waterproof tint, but will nourish your lips with the goodness of beetroot, shea butter and avocado oil. 

Under eye cream

This under eye cream has almond oil and chamomile extracts. Both are great for de-stressing, and surely a gentle massage with this under eye cream, at the end of a long day will leave you feeling relaxed.  

Rose & Geranium body butter

Rose essence has anti-ageing properties. This body butter balances the flowery scent of rose with the woody scent of geranium and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple for hours to come. 

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Rose scrub

If you’re the scrubbing type, this rose scrub is the closest you can get to a natural, unprocessed ingredient for exfoliation. 

Foot butter

Do you moisturise your feet before you go to bed? Do you use a cream or lotion made specifically for the rough skin that encases your foot? If not, you must start immediately! And this foot butter with olive oil and Vitamin-E extracts is perfect! 


Growing up, sunscreen was always thought of as this powerful and potent product we reserve only for picnic days. Not anymore. Sunscreen is as essential as moisturizer. Deyga has a SPF-30 sunscreen which is great for daily use. 

Hair growth oil 

Is onion oil the only hair oil that can facilitate growth? Nope. We may have forgotten the power of castor oil, but not Deyga. This hair growth oil has castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil and grapeseed oil. It doesn’t end here. It also has hibiscus and fenugreek – two ingredients well known for stimulating hair growth. 

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