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Ultra-thin and Cosy-Fluff COMBO PACK by LAIQA - Keeping Zen

Ultra-thin and Cosy-Fluff COMBO PACK by LAIQA

Rs. 329.00

This is a pack of 10 ultra-thin day pads, and 5 cosyfluff night pads, to meet all your needs at once! 

These pads are rash-free, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, and protect the consumer from UTIs and yeast infections while providing them the best possible comfort. 

While conventional sanitary napkins carry 70%-80% plastic, Laiqa pads have only 7% plastic presence and come in disposable bags and cardboard boxes that are made entirely of paper – making them 100% biodegradable & recyclable. Laiqa pads have a unique combination of features and functionalities coming together to make the perfect product: high-quality feather-soft top sheet, with a breathable bottom sheet, allowing breathability for your privates.

About Laiqa

Laiqa is a homegrown, premium and biodegradable brand of sanitary napkins, founded by Monica Bindra, Nazish Mir and Ali Mir. A hike in consciousness towards feminine health and hygiene care is what Laiqa is born out of.

Laiqa practices BODO (Buy One, Donate One) where on the purchase of every pack of pads, a pad is donated to lesser privileged menstruating girls and women. At present, Laiqa is working closely with 4 NGOs on a voluntary basis, alongside the sanitary pad donations. Laiqa also has its own quality stamp 'Good For Her, Good For Earth' – which reinforces the brand's ethos of sustainable comfort.

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