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Clean Feminine Hygiene

Making clean products that are user-friendly, eco-friendly, and effective is no easy feat! Nor do all of us - as consumers - have the time or the bandwidth to research where our everyday products come from, and where we can find ones that contain less chemicals, and cause less harm to us, and to the environment. 

Feminine hygiene, in a country where menstruation is still a taboo, is not something we pay a lot of attention to. We contend with buying mass-produced napkins, regardless of their composition, and at most, wince silently when they are handed to us carefully wrapped in black plastic bags. 

Our body is the only thing we have, really. So, why should we compromise on quality when it comes to products that are for our most intimate parts? We, at Keeping Zen, believe in bringing the best to each of our consumers.

This is our lovingly curated collection of clean feminine hygiene products.