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Sorry, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Collarbone Exercises’. Trust Us. We Asked An Expert 

Sorry, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Collarbone Exercises’. Trust Us. We Asked An Expert 

collarbone exercises

About 3600 people in India turn to Google every month for ‘Collarbone Exercises’. This number doesn’t include the numerous variations of the query with the same intent – ‘exercise for collar bone,’ ‘collar bone workout,’ and finally, ‘how to get collar bone’. I want to take a moment here to remind anyone who’s reading this – you have a collarbone. Every one has a collarbone. Some have visible clavicles. Others don’t. Both are okay. But yes, I understand the intent behind that query – you want to know how to make your collarbone pop out like that of Kareena Kapoor Khan, and other celebrities. 

The clavicle is, after all, called the ‘Beauty Bone’, presumably because a visible collarbone is associated with low fat in the body. Over the years, highlighting this bone on female celebrities’ images has strengthened this association between the bone and inherent beauty. No wonder then that so many people out there want to know if there are any exercises that can make their clavicle look more prominent. But the idea of working out with this pointed goal seemed kind of ridiculous.  It goes against everything I, as a yoga practitioner, have learnt about fitness and health, and optimum body weight and shape. I don’t believe I know everything, so I turned to my husband, Mohit Chawla, to find out if there were, indeed any collarbone exercises one could do. He is a marital arts teacher, a personal trainer, and the owner of The Combat Lab.

There’s no such thing! 

‘There’s no such thing!’ He retorted. I showed him the few articles I had found on the Internet that claimed that with shoulder shrugs and rolls, you could make your collarbone more prominent. He scoffed. ‘It’s about body composition. By doing compound lifting and doing proper functional training, you will enhance your body composition, and that might make your collarbone more visible,’ he said. And then cautioned against exercises that focus only on one goal or spot. 

Exercise for good health, not aesthetics.

If you lose excess fat and strengthen your muscles, your body as a whole will look more shapely. This is true not only for your collarbone, but your entire body. Aesthetics are a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle, and should not be the goal. Mohit reminds me, ‘Tried and tested methods such as functional weight training will surely improve your shoulder strength, but none of this guarantees that your collar bone will be more prominent. It will make you strong, and that’s the reason why you should work out. For strength, not aesthetics.’

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Work on the full body

‘Keep in mind,’ Mohit continues, ‘you must exercise your full body. Isolated exercises don’t give you many health benefits.’ There’s enough research that says that spot reduction doesn’t work. Or any form of targeted fat loss, for that matter. Losing fat is about burning calories, not isolating the fat pockets in one area of your body. It’s physically not possible! Sure, any exercise will burn some amount of calories. But largely speaking, workouts that focus only on one area aren’t enough. They simply don’t burn enough calories. You wouldn’t see the results you were hoping for, and you’d give up. 

So what should you do if you want more prominent collarbone? Do cardio for weight loss. This will strip off some of the excess fat that may be keeping those clavicles hidden. Do weight training for stronger muscles and improved bone density. It will also chisel and sculpt your upper body. Do yoga for longevity, a supple body and a calm mind, and you’ll stop caring about how your collarbone looks! 

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