Women’s Locker Room

woman with me too written on her shoulder

He Forcibly Kissed Her. I Saw, But Did Nothing

Later, I see him holding a young woman’s hand longer than she’d have liked. She pulls back, as he leans in, and comments on her off-shoulder dress.

what is consent culture

What Is Consent Culture?

The #MeToo movement brought conversation around consent to the fore. While that’s wonderful, we must avoid the trap of thinking that consent matters only under the sheets. While yes, with enthusiastic and ongoing yes is the only way to get frisky, consent goes far beyond sex. 

the morning show

The Morning Show Spotlights The Women Who Love The Men Who’re Outed

What’s it like, I wonder, to be a woman who loves a man, in any capacity, who’s a sex offender in the public eye?

how to make a coffee scrub

4 DIY Coffee Scrubs For Clear And Radiant Skin

To make room for new cells, our skin sheds old, dead skin cells. These dead…

Sisters In Sweat: How This Bengaluru-Based Duo Is Inspiring Women To Get Fit

The idea of an all-women group that meets on weekends to play sports and do fitness might seem ordinary but Sisters in Sweat have created a paradigm shift. Though fitness for women is feminist in itself (more on that soon), the infusion of the community aspect makes this nothing short of revolutionary. And for the founders of Sisters in Sweat – Swetha Subbiah and Tanvie Hans – this revolutionary potential of one football game was serendipitous. 

three women smiling

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

The global average life expectancy today is 72.6 years. But oddly, women everywhere live longer than men. The average life expectancy of men, globally, is around 70 years whereas for women it is about 75 years. This isn’t just seen in humans. In many species like chimpanzees, gorillas, and other apes, females outlive their male counterparts.

how to manage teenager's mood swings

How To Deal With A Teenager’s Mood Swings

Google was able to throw around 29,60,000 results in just 0.58 seconds when I searched for ‘managing teenage mood swings.’ And it took me precisely that amount of time to skim through the top 10 results to know that most parents, like me, are clueless and searching for answers in the ethers. Sometimes search doesn’t help but experience does. 

priyanka chopra bulgari mangalsutra

Priyanka Chopra x Bvlgari Mangalsutra Is A Blow To Hindu Women Fighting Against The Patriarchy 

On 1st September, Priyanka Chopra and Bvlgari announced the launch of a contemporary re-imagination of the mangalsutra. Chopra calls this mangalsutra ‘iconic’. Here’s why it’s anything but.

deepa narayan

Deepa Narayan On Inspiring Men To Break Away From Gender Stereotypes 

One would imagine that after speaking to hundreds of women about the ways in which our patriarchal society silences them, it would be impossible to care about men. To give room to their struggles, the ways in which they are boxed, and to deconstruct what the same system that pitches women as second class, does to men. Not for Dr. Deepa Narayan, though.