2022 Horoscope: What Are You Leaving Behind?

A brand new year is about to begin. Have you decided on your new year’s resolutions yet? What are you bringing forward with you and what are you leaving behind? The stars can guide you through that and more.

December, 2021 Horoscope: Look At The Big Picture

We are looking at the big picture this month. No more fighting every battle that comes our way. We are indulging our spirits with poetry, self-love, and wine. Some of us are getting lucky in matters of love and desire, and some of us are continuing on our solo journeys.

November, 2021 Horoscope: Honour Your Desire This Month

Haven’t you heard of the saying the heart wants what the heart wants. So what’s with all the hesitation, my loves? Get ready to honour your desires this month. In November, we are healing from the past wounds and letting in the light.

October, 2021 Horoscope: The Vibes Are High

There is something in the air this month. The vibes are high. All you gotta do is ignite the spark. So are you ready to find out what October has in store for the lovers…and lusters? Let’s find out.

September, 2021 Tarotscope: The Stars Align And Sparks Fly!

Are you willing to let go of your worries when it comes to all things love? Because when we stop trying to control everything magic happens; the stars align and sparks fly!

august horoscope

August, 2021 Tarotscope: What’s In Store For Lovers And Lusters?

Love. Lust. Longing. Loathing. What is the difference? It may mean different things to you and me but there is at least some clarity to be found in the stars.