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signs of a bad boss

It’s Not You, It’s Your Boss! 7 Telltale Signs Of A Bad Boss 

You may have bad days, but if you feel terrible about yourself all the time at work, consider these telltale signs of a bad boss.


Phubbing Is Hurting More Than Your Relationships! 

The word ‘phubbing’ is made of two words – ‘phone’ and ‘snubbing’. Phubbing is when we snub someone we are sitting with in person in favour of the phone. It’s become so common to do this – at parties, at dinners, on date nights, while hanging out with friends and family, and even on Zoom calls – that we almost don’t question it.

self care that works

Non-Instagramable Self-Care That Actually Works 

There is nothing wrong with consumerist spirituality, for it makes people think about wellness. But, in this age of Instagramable everything, we run the risk of turning well-being into something that must be pretty all the time. Something outwardly. Indulgent. Out-of-the-ordinary. But, self-care is ordinary. It doesn’t always come in the form of bubble baths and spa days, or raw diets or sheet masks. 

strong mindset

Strong Mindset: Here’s How You Can Build One!

Keeping my desperate attempt at smart idioms aside, all the hitches in my life have actually helped me build a strong mindset. 

twenty something

11 Perfect Confessions Of An Imperfect 23-Year-Old

Sometimes, my heart thinks too much and my mind feels too much. No, don’t think I mixed the two things; that’s exactly what I mean.

benefits of stretching

What Happens To Your Body If You Don’t Stretch?

If quadrupeds never forget the benefits of stretching, why do we?