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rain mindfulness technique

R.A.I.N – A Mindfulness Technique To Increase Self-Awareness

Mindfulness has been a buzz word for that won’t stop buzzing, and for good reason.…

close up photography of crying woman next inside room

Why Do I Cry When I’m Mad? 3 Reasons + How To Stop (If You Want)

Now if you’re livid about something, that can be quite overwhelming. In this case, those angry tears are just an expression of how overwhelmed you are. Research also shows that tears can elicit sympathy from others. So, maybe crying when mad is just a way of getting some pity points? Don’t know about that, but here are three reasons why some people cry when they’re angry. 

benefits of journaling

Feeling Stuck, Confused, Or Frustrated? Journaling Can Sort You Out. Here’s How 

Most of us are frustrated with something or the other. It could be personal or professional. But, to effectively deal with our problems and make a dent in the way things are, we need to have the utmost clarity of thought. We need conviction. This is where journaling can help.  

do affirmations work

Do Affirmations Work Or Are They Another New Age Scam? 

I was introduced to daily affirmations at a time I was beginning to question some…

butterflies in the stomach

Why Do You Get Butterflies In The Stomach When You Meet Someone New?

A result of the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response, those butterflies are not telling you you’re falling in love. Instead, they’re asking you to watch out for potential signs of getting hurt by this person.

opposite sex friendships

‘Just Friends’: Opposite-Sex Friendships Are Feminist AF. Here’s Why 

Out of my five closest friends, two are straight men. All three of us have partners, but honestly, that’s irrelevant for my argument. Having these two male friends has helped me see men as whole human beings in their own right, with hopes and heartbreak, fears and aspirations. I believe my presence in their lives has done the same for them. We don’t see each other as potential romantic partners, and this has allowed us to look at the opposite sex from a different lens – a lens that has no agenda. It’s just individuals hanging out together. Just… being. 

psychology of resilience

Psychology Of Resilience: What Makes Some People Stronger Than Others?

According to the APA (American Psychological Association), resilience is the ability to ‘adapt well in the face of adversity trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.’ Now, that’s rather vague, isn’t it? What does ‘adapting well’ mean in this context?

woman eating potato chips

Is Stress Making You Eat More? Here’s How To Stop 

When Neelam (Shefali Shah) from Dil Dhadakne Do sees her husband Kamal (Anil Kapoor) flirt with another woman on their anniversary, she goes to her room and gobbles up a slice of cake. No, she stuffs her mouth with cake, trying hard to not break down. This was one of the most memorable moments of this hard-hitting movie, and that’s because it’s all too real. Like many women, the stress of her husband’s many indiscretions pushed her to seek pleasure and relief from food. Although temporary, this sense of pleasure is exactly why we tend to eat when we’re stressed. 

how to let go

How To Let Go If You Feel Too Much

I hope dropping biscuits in the tea counted as ‘to stop holding something’ because that’s something I already do. But being a person whose emotions come from the deepest parts of the heart, it’s hard to release anything I have ever felt.

books about minimalism

6 Books About Minimalism That Will Elevate Your Life

The more one is attached to ‘Maya,’ the world of illusions, the material world, the more one desires. The more one desires the more one suffers.