What’s Up With The Sex Lives Of Succession’s Roy Siblings?

As messy as the four siblings, Connor, Kendall, Shiobhan, and Roman’s lives seem to be, their individual love lives are messier. While Connor, the eldest, would literally rather pay someone to be with him; the youngest, Roman, deserves an entire article dedicated to him and his sexuality. Kendall and Shiobhan, aka Shiv, fall somewhere in between. Kendall can seemingly only be into women his dad approves of, Shiv chooses someone she can control even though he is not exactly favoured by her father. Neither Kendall nor Shiv however can truly commit to their partners in healthy ways.

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Cheating On Him: 10 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Suspicious  

After a year of dragging Tanuj to therapy, Shweta finally called the relationship off last week. On the night of breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, she wanted to go out for a drink. I happily obliged. Break ups are always tough, but for Shweta, it was particularly taxing because she spent the …

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