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how parenthoood impacts couples

An Honest Look At How Parenthood Impacts Couples 

While having a child may not make a bad marriage good, a strong one can weather the storm, and come out stronger!

ranbir kapoor alia bhatt net worth

Wait, Did #Ralia Just Normalise Women Earning More Than Their Spouse?

Can star-struck women looking to get married now say, ‘I want someone like Ranbir,’ and mean someone who embraces a woman in all her glory, and not his good looks? Here’s hoping…

books about love

From Spicy Stories To In-Depth Investigations: 8 Books About Love

Such is the power of love – it turns mundane to magic, boring to brilliant, and death to power. So, why should we not be obsessed with love? The irony is, though, that as certainly as we want to love and be loved, as uncertain we are about what it really means. Perhaps these books about love will help you figure some things out.

signs he likes you

10 Surefire Signs He Likes You!

Although everyone is unique, there are some signs that you can rely upon. 

signs of a codependent relationship

7 Signs You Are In A Codependent Relationship

If you love someone, you set them free. There is much truth to this adage. Love sets you free, it doesn’t bind you. But when a person’s happiness, his needs, and his life, and even his identity revolves around another person and he forgets all about his own needs and his own life, maybe it’s time to take a step back.

couples counselling mistakes

Shrinking The Couch: 7 Mistakes Couples Make In Relationship Counselling

Going for couples counselling with the intention of ‘going back to the way things were’ may not be the best idea. While the past may have been a happy place for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a happy future that looks different. 

shitts creek alexis ted breakup

The Amazing Grace of Alexis and Ted’s Breakup on Schitt’s Creek

For all practical purposes, such will-they-won’t-they couples in fiction tend to fall into rather toxic patterns. But Alexis and Ted manage to not only avoid that but end up elevating what such relationships could mean because that’s how perceptive the writing is on Schitt’s Creek.

succession roy siblings hbo tv show

What’s Up With The Sex Lives Of Succession’s Roy Siblings?

As messy as the four siblings, Connor, Kendall, Shiobhan, and Roman’s lives seem to be, their individual love lives are messier. While Connor, the eldest, would literally rather pay someone to be with him; the youngest, Roman, deserves an entire article dedicated to him and his sexuality. Kendall and Shiobhan, aka Shiv, fall somewhere in between. Kendall can seemingly only be into women his dad approves of, Shiv chooses someone she can control even though he is not exactly favoured by her father. Neither Kendall nor Shiv however can truly commit to their partners in healthy ways.

possessive lover

Possessive Lover? Romantic Jealousy Has Both Bad And Good Sides, And Possessiveness Is… 

Did you know that there are two different types of romantic jealousy?

benevolent sexism

Is Benevolent Sexism Hurting Your Relationship?

According to Glick & Fiske, benevolent sexism refers to “attitudes about women that seem positive in tone but nonetheless connote inferiority to men based on fragility, lack of competence, or need of help and protection.”