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Why Do You Get Butterflies In The Stomach When You Meet Someone New?

Why Do You Get Butterflies In The Stomach When You Meet Someone New?

butterflies in the stomach

Does someone you recently met give you butterflies in the stomach? Must be true love then, right? Wrong! 

Well, not entirely wrong. It could turn into true love in the future, but for now, something else is happening.

Butterflies in the stomach aren’t some divine signal that you have found ‘the one’. They are an indication of the anxiety and nervousness that this new person makes you feel. Here’s how: 

Your brain sees this beautiful stranger as a potential threat. It increases alertness by raising your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. Meanwhile, your Autonomic Nervous System releases a bunch of adrenaline and cortisol to prepare you to fight or flee if you have to. Blood moves away from places it’s not needed, and your stomach happens to be one such place. Your digestion slows down, and because the stomach is a sensitive organ, it physically feels this pull back. 

When your brain no longer perceives a threat, all of the above reverses and you enter a relaxed state. 

A result of the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response, those butterflies are not telling you you’re falling in love. Instead, they’re asking you to watch out for potential signs of getting hurt by this person. This is why once you start to feel safe with them, you stop getting butterflies. And THAT’s when you may be in love.

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Fluttering beyond love

This tingling sensation in your gut is not limited to romantic situations. This anxiety response can be triggered by any new situation – including a new job, moving cities, or even a vacation. It’s always best to analyse those flutters with relation to the context. Take a close look at what’s happening in your life, and ask yourself what about this situation is making you queazy. All said and done, the body is a storehouse of profound wisdom. These sensations can give you insights about who you are, want you want and where you’re heading. So, lean in, and listen to what your body is telling you!

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