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From Spicy Stories To In-Depth Investigations: 8 Books About Love

From Spicy Stories To In-Depth Investigations: 8 Books About Love

books about love

The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It’s full of charts and facts, and figures
And instructions for dancing

But I
I love it when you read to me.
And you
You can read me anything.

– Stephin Merritt

Such is the power of love – it turns mundane to magic, boring to brilliant, and death to power. So, why should we not be obsessed with love? The irony is, though, that as certainly as we want to love and be loved, as uncertain we are about what it really means. Perhaps these books about love will help you figure some things out. From short and spicy love stories to the most encapsulating real life romances, to an investigation of modern love looks like, here’s a list you must invest in!

A Dangerous Liaison

The dazzling 51 years long love story of the model couple of counter-culture Sartre and Beauvoir. Expect all your rules of love to be overthrown by these crusaders of freedom.

Finding Freedom

An up-close and disarming portrait of an influential and forward-thinking couple who are unafraid to break with tradition. Personally, I quite admire Meghan and how steadfastly she has created her own path.

Don’t Kill Him

Ma Sheela’s devotion to Osho was a form of love that is revered in Hindu scriptures. It’s of the same variety as Meera’s devotion to Lord Krishna. Except, this one’s ripe with crime and scandal. This is her side of the story.

Essays In Love

A book I’ve read and re-read and will re-read many times. The book charts the progress of a relationship between a man and a woman, sprinkled with a philosopher’s sensibility to his analyses of the emotions of love. Thought-provoking, touching and heartbreaking.

Knot For Keeps

An anthology with a story for everyone out there. In a society where not being married is now respectable, where getting divorced is natural, and where traditional gender roles have lost meaning, marriage is no longer the institution it was. This book shows how.

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Love In The Time Of Whatsapp

In the age of dating apps, how has love changed? In this spicy and exciting collection of stories, a girl flirts with a boy through her Wi-Fi network and a woman decides to seduce her husband by entering a beauty pageant. Short, fun and full of mischief.

The Forty Rules Of Love

Rumi inspires many lost souls all over the world. But how can we apply his Sufi love to modern relationships? This book shows you how.

Dear Men: Masculinity & Modern Love in #MeToo India

By yours truly. Written for the Urban Indian heterosexual couples, the book, by way of interviews with men between ages 25 and 40, demystifies modern day masculinity in the context of relationships.

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