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Work From Home? Here Are Some Productivity Tips That May Be Helpful

Contributed by Prerna Khatri

As a freelance writer, I often get asked, ‘How do you motivate yourself to work?’ TBH, it IS difficult… and why wouldn’t it be? I don’t have a boss hovering over me, pushing me to work, holding me accountable. Nor do I have colleagues with whom I can take coffee or tea breaks to rejuvenate. It’s just me at my home, trying hard to avoid the latest episode of This Is Us, until I finish off my to-do list for the day.

But, with many failures, and a whole lot of discipline, I’ve learnt how to work from home without wasting much time. If you’re struggling, like most other people who work remotely do, here’s my productivity list. Hope it helps! 

Schedule your day in advance

The biggest temptation of working from home is that you can save ample time, thanks to not having to commute and show face in the office. But, if you don't plan well, you may find yourself working all day! Planning your day in advance will ensure that you make time to spend with friends and family. Also, that feeling when you tick off things off your to-do list is priceless!

Create a designated work space, or a space for "me-time"

No, I am not referring to your bed or couch. Leave those two for post-work Netflix binge. I suggest you set up a proper work desk that doesn't have distractions or clutter. Get a comfortable chair, add some flowers, frames, mugs, stationery, or anything that motivates you to work. It’s your chance to create that Pinterest-inspired work space that you always wanted!

If you don't have a job, create a spot in the house where you can step away and tune in to yourself - maybe read a book, call a friend, or just be. Make this spot pretty, and completely disconnected from chores around the house. Use your time here to rejuvenate. 

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Dress well

What you wear is directly proportional to how you feel, and sweatpants won’t make you feel like the Boss you’re striving to become. So, even if you are not leaving your house, dress like you would to step out. Get out of those pyjamas and wear some proper pants. It will put you in a productive mindset and help you get your work done faster.

Follow a routine

Fix your meeting days, the time you will spend every morning to answer emails and calls, have an exercise plan in place, have fixed meal times etc. These little habits will help you be more consistent, and productive.

Stay Active

While working a 9 to 5, and spending hours in traffic, we often crib that there is no time for working out, but you can’t complain about not finding the time if you work from home. No, I don’t mean to say that remote workers have all the time in this world. We don’t. But, we do have flexibility, and if nothing else, we do save at least an hour (likely, more) of travel time. Plus, sitting at home and working for hours on your laptop can be extremely tiresome. So, a brisk walk and some stretching will only rejuvenate you. And, you don't have to spend an hour straight doing it! Take short breaks, but incorporate some regular movement on a daily basis.

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