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  • importance of learning new skills

    Learning A New Skill Is Not...

    All of us are entrepreneurs, carving a niche that is as unique as who we are as individuals. Maybe that is the future of work. 

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  • Working From Bed: A Timeline Of...

    The lockdown has taught me two invaluable lessons about working from home.

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    work from home tips
  • work from home tips keepingzen

    Work From Home? Here Are Some...

    Contributed by Prerna Khatri

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  • #MsMindful: I Have Found The Key...

    Over the last few years, I have noticed a remarkable increase in my happiness level, despite some challenging personal situations. The reason is simple: I, finally, at the age of...

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    how to prevent burnout
  • yoga pants work

    Nine Reasons Why We Want To...

    I am not sure why it is already not a corporate policy, considering we have enough reasons for why we’d love to wear our yoga pants to work.

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