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  • how to deal with a breakup

    So, You're Single Again. Now What?...

    I feel like I am living my days on repeat, falling into similar circumstances, and coming out just the same. Except "circumstances" here is an analogy for arms of a...

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  • Why We Must Talk About Pleasure...

    People say yes for many reasons, and not all of them amount to desire.

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    pleasure and consent keepingzen
  • gym to date keepingzen

    Gym Babe To Dinner Date: How...

    Have you ever skipped gym because you had a dinner date? Or, canceled or rescheduled a date because you had a workout sesh till 8 pm?

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  • Are Men More Romantic Than Women?...

    There's more in here!

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    Are Men More Romantic Than Women? They Seem To Be, On This Dating App!