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How To Spice Up A Video Date

Of late, I’ve been wondering what it would have been like if the lockdown had happened at a different stage in my life. What if it had happened when I was in primary school? I’d have probably loved it the first couple of days, but soon enough got deathly bored. What about when I was in college? I’d have hated every minute of it, because I actually loved going to college! And what if it had happened at a time when I was in a relationship with someone who I mostly saw on date nights at a restaurant or the movies, or out dancing. Basically, what if I was in a relationship with someone I spent time with mostly outside? 

Well, yes, now there’s Zoom, Skype and a ton of other options for video chats, and presumably, I’d be spending a lot of time video chatting with them. But, after day five or some such, video chats in a situation where nobody’s up to anything interesting, would get dull, which got me thinking of some fun things we - you - can do if you’re currently in a video relationship with someone. 

Dress up and get dinner or drinks together

You’re probably getting drinks together on video every now and then. Why not dress up for it, and make it a proper date night? Put on a nice outfit, some makeup, and yes, even perfume!


Cook a meal together 

For my partner and I, one of the activities we love doing together, is cooking. He had this instinct when it comes to whipping up experimental dishes, and I have none. In fact, I suck at it, and get easily bored. But, it’s something we enjoy doing together, and I would probably miss it a lot if we were apart and in quarantine. But, it is something you can do together on video! Decide a dish, and both of you cook it simultaneously, and you get to rate whose is better! 


Have a Netflix party! 

You may not be able to “chill,” but you can still Netflix! 


Play the day-high and day-low game 

Okay, this is not much of a game, but another conversation topic, and one that can take your relationship to a more intimate level. Tell each other your day-high, and day-low. Neither has to be something intense or defining. A day-high can be something as simple as waking up without any mosquito bites, and day-low can be something as innocuous as spilling coffee on your table. If nothing else, you’ll get a few laughs along the way! 

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Have a double date! 

In the offline world, what do we do when our date nights get monotonous? We hang out with a bunch of friends, or go on a double date with another cool couple. Why not do that on video as well? 


Write letters to each other, and turn it into an epistolary 

An epistolary is a novel comprised of letters. Take turns to write letters to each other - put your longing, loneliness and love, on paper. And then, put it all together in a novel called ‘Love in the Time of Corona’. 

Spice it up with some sexy time! 

Dim the lights. Put on a groovy playlist, and some raunchy lingerie. Just make sure you use an app that is safe, and ideally, cut your face out, just in case. 

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