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Are Men More Romantic Than Women? They Seem To Be, On This Dating App!


In this war of genders - or, Martians vs Venusians, as they'd have us believe - we have all sorts of quandaries! Who's more outgoing? Who's more controlling? Who compromises more? And who romances more? It seems like we will forever orbit around in circles, like our plants Mars and Venus do, and never reach a conclusion.

But, we can find microcosms that can give us some sense of knowing, thanks to intelligent data gathering and algorithms. OKCupid is a smart dating app. It goes beyond a bio voluntarily written, and sometimes embellished by users, or photoshopped or dated images that aren't always accurate depictions of how the person looks when not behind a screen. When you make a profile on OKCupid, you are made to think about pertinent issues. Part of the sign up process is answering questions such as - 'Would you plan a first date on Valentine's Day?'

You'll be surprised to know how many users said yes to this! We got our hands on some of their user data, and it wasn't what we had expected. Let us share the numbers with you:

okcupid valentines day 1

More men than women are for going out on a first date with someone on Valentine's Day! Surprised? There's more...

okcupid valentines day 2 

When it comes to romantic date ideas, more men think camping is a romantic getaway for two than women. Now, this may not come off as too much of a surprise... but long walks on the beach? 93% of the male users on the app are all for it!

okcupid valentines day 3

But, not so much for cosying up in a fancy hotel room. Understandably so. It can get boring. That said, do take note of the fact that the number of women who are not too keen on fluffy mattresses and hot baths in a hotel is more than the number of men. 23% men compared to only 17% women would still consider it as a romantic thing for two.

okcupid valentines day 4

As cliches go, a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower in the most romantic city in the world is more appealing to women compared to men. Men would rather fool around in the woods. But, hey that's pretty awesome, too!

okcupid valentines day 5

But, what happens if things go south in a relationship (no pun intended)? Which of the two sexes is more likely to give second chances? Turns out... it's men!

okcupid valentines day 6 


Inputs from OKCupid

Image Source: Pexels

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