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Gym Babe To Dinner Date: How To Get Ready For Date Night, If You're Going Straight From The Gym

Have you ever skipped gym because you had a dinner date? Or, canceled or rescheduled a date because you had a workout sesh till 8 pm? Finishing that session at 8, going home to shower and dress up means you would not make it to dinner before 10.30, and that's too late!

Many of us have gone through this dilemma at least once, and ended up canceling one of the two important commitments. But, in this case, if we play it smart, we CAN have it all! Assuming there's no shower at your gym (why do you go to a gym with no shower anyway?), here's your step-by-step guide to going from gym babe to dinner date:

Step # 1: Don't schedule your date at a fancy restaurant!

gym to date keepingzen

f you're going after a breaking a sweat, go somewhere you don't have to be too dressed up with perfectly done hair, or too much bling! Pick a bar, or a low-key restaurant where you can show up in a well-done pony tail.

Step # 2: Pack all your date night essentials (that's more than just your outfit. Keep reading)

This one may seem obvious to you, but date night essentials if you're going straight from the gym include a lot more than a nice outfit, and a pack of condoms. Other than these two, you need wet wipes, perfume, some sort of soap, face wash, comb or hair brush, and a set of fresh underwear.

Step # 3: Head to the changing room, and wipe yourself clean with the said wet wipe

Go beyond your face. Wipe your groin, armpits, legs, neck, the inside of your elbows. Twice, to make sure that sweat smell is completely gone.

Step # 4: Wash your face, armpits and groin with soap

gym to date keepingzen 2

These are the areas that tend to get the dirtiest. You want to look fresh, and not have grime on your face. So, make sure you wash it well. Likewise, you don't have to take a full shower to clean up after a workout (though, that would be ideal). Just make sure you clean them thoroughly. Give the back of your neck, too, some extra attention.

Step # 5: Now, for the hair...

The hair is the trickiest and the stickiest part of going from the gym to a date. So, here's a tip: Wash your hair right before you head for your workout. That way, you at least won't have to deal with the entire day's pollution and greasiness. Of course, your hair will get sweaty from the workout, but a good perfume should cover that. Don't set unrealistic expectations of yourself with regards to how your hair should look. Tie your hair in a nice ponytail or a messy bun, depending on your hair texture. Both are sexy and classy. And remember, if you washed it right before heading to the gym, it isn't that dirty!

Step # 6: Dress up, and make-up

Keep your outfit and make-up classy, classic, and light. Think a nice, black top with flattering black pants, a light base, with glossy lips. Light, breezy, glossy make-up will make you look fresher. So, for this one evening, ditch your favourite matte red, and go for a lighter shade that adds plumpness to your lips. Use the same principle for the rest of your face - glossy eyes, instead of smokey, a light highlight on your cheeks instead of that bronze or blush pink.

Step # 7: Be yourself, and have fun!

gym to date keepingzen 3

You don't have to pretend you're NOT coming from the gym! You certainly don't have to be apologetic about it. Don't worry about what your date will think if your hair smells a tad like sweat. Just focus on being yourself, and having a good time!


Image Source: Pexels


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