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City Girl's Guide To Packing For A Trip To The Wilderness

Written by Vineeta S


Imagine this - you wake up to the  gorgeous view of a wild and green forest glistening outside your bedroom window; birds are cooing, the sun rays are dancing on your legs as you stretch and crawl out of the hotel room sheets, and your friends are already waiting for you to join them for a safari ride. Except, you realise you forgot to pack your combat boots!

Cut to: You manage to fit into a smaller and borrowed pair of shoes for the hike, but as soon as you reach the magnificent waterfalls, you remember how if you get drenched, you’d be compromising on what is your last pair of underwear for the entire trip. Bye-bye waterfalls!

Cut to: You and your friends, after quite an adventurous and productive day of exploring the neighbouring forest, have finally nestled back into the hotel premises, to make a quaint bonfire out of wood sticks and twigs. But, as much as you’re enjoying the night sky, the music and the company, the gatecrasher mosquitoes are hoard all your attention. If only you had remembered to carry odomos, you think to yourself!

wildlife trip packing tips

Right now, all of this is just a figment of imagination, but all it takes is one moment of mindless and rushed packing that will turn this nightmare into a raging reality. So, to save you from going into a literal “bad trip,”’ here are a few things to keep in mind when packing for a trip to the wilderness:

Actual packing must be the last step in the entire process. Start with first making a mental, or if you’re as forgetful as I am, then a written list of the items you’d need. Once you have that list ready, be sure to carry ONLY the essentials. You don’t want to pack your entire wardrobe because then, the only whimpering and animal-like sounds you’re bound to hear are from the mouths of the people trying to carry your luggage.

Going for a vacation to the wilderness and free outskirts of any town or city can be challenging. You may not find everything you need there, as you do in a city. So, do your homework well, and head out only after thorough research on the kind of place you’re going to be spending your next few days in. It’ll help you pack the right things - in the right amount.

Also, always account for unpredictability when going on a trip. The weather as per the app on your phone could hint at sunny days all along, but what if one of those days the thunder Gods decide to be generous, and rain all over your plans? It’s best to be safe than sorry, and make some room in your bag for the sudden.

And now, for what to pack:

Hiking or running shoes

A pair of flip flops

Extra pair of socks

Extra underwear

Feminine hygiene products

Hair ties

Mosquito repellent

Toothpaste + Toothbrush

Comfortable tank tops 

Jacket, preferably waterproof, for all occasions




Protein bars


Sunglasses / Hat

Makeup remover 

Power bank

First aid kit


Cotton swabs

Face wash 



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