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Move Over Perfume And Lipsticks: Here Are 5 Gifts You Should Give Yourself This V-Day

Written by Keeping Zen


'Tis the season of love, and what better love is there in the world than the love you have for yourself? While Valentine's Day is a great excuse to make your loved ones feel special, let's not forget the most important person in the world - YOU!

Single or not, planning to spend V-Day with girlfriends or fam... or alone - it doesn't matter. Even if you're anti V-Day, it still doesn't matter. Every now and then, as a matter of principle and for the cause of self-love, you should do something special for yourself. Some retail therapy never harmed anyone, but do you really need another red lipstick? Or, yet another outfit that will be forgotten in the already existing pile of clothes you have? Spend your money wisely (let that, too, be one of the amazing gifts you give yourself this V-Day!). Instead of cosmetics and clothes, buy yourself these 5 things this V-Day:

Membership to a gym / yoga class / swimming club / anywhere you can go and break a sweat: The kindest and most loving thing you can do for your body is to move it, work it, make it sweat! The health and longevity of your muscles and joints is directly proportional to how often you move it. The body is a machine, and it needs regular maintenance. Not preaching here. This is indubitable, and proven by science time and again!

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A solo vacation: Connect - reconnect - with yourself. Go on an adventure, where the only agenda is yours! You want to spend your entire vacation sitting in your hotel room, watching TV? Do that! You want to explore every nook and cranny of the city you're in? Do that! You want to sit in a cafe and read your days away? No one's stopping you. Your solo vacation is for you, and about you!

A balanced diet: The best diet is one that includes all nutrients, in moderation. Free yourself from diet plans you manage to keep. Or, abstaining from something your heart desires deeply. Instead, learn to moderate. Craving chhola bhatura? Go ahead and eat it. But, stop at one. And don't make it a daily habit. Craving chocolate? Have it! But, you know as well as we do that you don't need to eat the entire bar. One small piece is enough.

valentines day keepingzen

A deep-tissue massage: Give yourself some downtime, while a trained massage therapist releases all those tight knots that you have accumulated form all the sitting, drive, stressing, and living! This massage is not just for indulgences. It realigns your deeper muscles and connective tissues, and "loosens up" that tightness that leads to aches and pains.

A vibrator: Get one even if you have a partner. This one's for you, and only you! Spend some quality time with your body - get to know her, and how she likes to be loved! And then love her!


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