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#WorldSleepDay: 5 Ridiculous Things We Lose Sleep Over

Written by Prachi Gangwani


Sleep is one of the essentials of survival and good health, and perhaps, the most underrated. Especially in today's culture where we are always wired, and busy-ness is glorified, sleep has come to be a trait of laziness. We won't get into the prevalence of sleep-related disorders like insomnia and night-terrors, but today, on #WorldSleepDay, let's take a moment to remember the forgotten benefits of get quality snooze-time. It reduces stress, improves your memory, makes you more alert, reduces inflammation, keeps the heart healthy, helps in repairing the body, and of course, prevents those dreaded dark circles! 

The irony is that instead of making sleep a priority to make our lives better, we instead (willingly) lose sleep over these things: 

Work: Between late nights and early mornings, we are often left with less than the minimum recommended hours of daily sleep. And this, our culture normalises. It begins as early as school, when those sitting for board exams and entrances for college are expected to slog it out at the cost of their health. The cycle continues, until it begins to take a toll on the body, and we are forced to take a break.  

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Tele-time: With an endless pool of things to watch on the Internet, and new shows releasing almost on a daily basis, we feel that if we sleep, we will miss out on all the fun stuff to watch. Screen time comes with many side-effects, beyond lost sleep. But, guess what? The Internet is not going anywhere any time soon. 

Social media: Social media is a bottomless pit of voyeuristic pleasures that give us the illusion of being connected to others. We can spend (waste) hours scrolling down our newsfeeds until we are numb enough to not feel anything. Often, we want to feel this way before we sleep - when we are alone in bed. Connected, yet disconnected. 

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Late dinners and parties: Once in a while is okay, but for many of us, our socialising slot only begins at 10 pm. Whatever happened to Sunday brunches, pre-work breakfasts, and lunch breaks with friends? 

Early morning workouts: This is a controversial one. Many of us wake up early to get that daily workout in, and while it's great that we keep up with our fitness routine, doing so at the cost of proper rest may not be a wise choice in the long run. Rest and recovery are crucial to reaping the benefits of exercise, and we must strive to strike a balance. 


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