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Three Simple Ways To Bring Sustainable Fashion Into Your Life

Written by Keeping Zen


To the average Joe, sustainable fashion - or, honestly, sustainable anything - sounds like a daunting affair. Where does one even begin replacing those easily available, affordable nylons and polyesters? Sustainable fashion is slow fashion. It is hard to come by, often overpriced, and not something we can pick up during a quick trip to the mall. That may be so. But, going green with your wardrobe doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket, and doesn't have to carry the burden of a designer label. Here's how:

Upcycle: All of us, and our mothers and fathers, have clothes that are still in decent condition, but may be out of fashion. Or, we may have worn it few too many times, and don't want to step out adorning the same look. Get creative with those vintage outfits, and have them upcycled to make a brand new look. By doing this, you don't add to the waste pile that the fashion industry produces every single day!

Kalki Koechlin in an upcycled Banarasi saree outfit, designed by Amit Aggarwal

Tailor-made clothing: Filling up your wardrobe wth ready-made organic cottons and silks is most definitely an expensive affair. But, you can significantly cut down the cost if you buy fabric, and find a seasoned darzee to stitch up outfits for you. That's not the only advantage, though. When you get your own clothes stitched, you can play with the design and the patterns, and in effect, have your own designer label. Make each outfit you own unique!

Invest in classics: Organic and sustainable is not synonymous with boxy silhouettes. Or, floral embroidery. Silhouettes and embellishments are trends that come and go, and while it's great to have a few pieces that are currently in fashion, don't neglect investing in classics. For example, bell-sleeves come and go, but straight, sleek three-fourth sleeves have been in trend for time immemorial. Likewise, a criss-cross back may be great to wear this wedding season, but a simple backless blouse was fashionable five years ago, and will be fashionable five years from now. Invest in those timeless pieces!



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