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No Weekend Plans? Congratulations! You Are The New “Cool"

Written by Keeping Zen


Yes, you read that right. Staying in is the new cool. Everybody, at some point of time, feels that they must go out, party, "live it up," and if they aren't doing any of these things, they are quick to be labelled "boring," "dull," or "lame". But, times are changing, and the illusion of the "party lifestyle" being the only cool way to live, is slowly but surely, crumbling. 

weekend plans

This trend of spending weekends as a part of the herd that parties till dawn, or whatever, got further escalated, thanks to heavily filtered picture perfect displays of Saturday nights on social media. The visuals that we wake up to every Sunday morning tell us that going out and partying is a hell lotta fun! And while when done occasionally, and in the company of those we genuinely enjoy being around, it is fun, it can also get pretty boring pretty quickly. It's the same old drunk and dizzy feeling, with the same old crappy finger food, or no food at all, and the same old conversations that are seldom meaningful enough to remember an hour later. No lasting connections are made while partying. Memories, sure, but they linger only if you stay somewhat sober. 

If you've been a part of the party-every-Saturday-night wagon, you'd know that it is, in one word - repetitive. 


This pressure to go to every weekend, subtly reinforced by pictures and videos of drunk people "having the time of their lives," sucks the joy of actually enjoying your weekend. If you've been a part of the party-every-Saturday-night wagon, you'd know that it is, in one word - repetitive. Nothing much different or new happens, and all those weekends spent in clubs and bars can be clubbed together as one long, hazy night. But, the pressure can sometimes be so intense that you almost feel inadequate for staying in. 

But, here's some good news for you: FOMO is so last year! It's been replaced with "JOMO," that is, "Joy Of Missing Out." Finally, we are embracing that sometimes, the best way to spend a weekend is to miss out on all the nonsensical, meaningless, superficial drama, and just stay in, and do whatever the heck you want to do. Want to stay up all night watching Netlfix? Go for it! Want to sleep at 10 pm? It's your life! Want to read a book till you can't stay awake anymore? What's stopping you? The new cool is all about being authentic, and not following trends and fads just for appearances. It's about having a good life, not a poster life. And if, for you, that means staying in, then that's where the story ends. 

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