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#Sleepcation: The Wellness Trend That’s Neither About Sleep, Nor A Vacation

Written by Prachi Gangwani


Sleepcation (Sleep + Vacation) is a word that has earned a rightful place in the wellness dictionary. Upon Googling, you will find recommendations of ideal places for Sleepcations, lists of things to pack for one, and finally, pictures of people dozing off in hammocks or plush beds with the backdrop of an ocean or the mountains. While on the surface, the idea of traveling to an exotic location to catch up on sleep may seem ridiculous and elitist, Sleepcations really aren’t that pointless. 

Just to be clear, we don’t really believe in the whole concept of sleep debt, in that you can’t make up for lost sleep by going on a sleep marathon. We believe in balance and getting your daily dose of snooze hours. With that being said, we do strongly believe in the power of relaxation and hitting pause on the hustle bustle of life in order to rejuvenate. That’s exactly what a Sleepcation is about: Rest. 

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Unlike its more energetic and enthusiastic cousin Wanderlust, a Sleepcation is not so much about exploring a new destination as much as it is about exploring inner calm and restoring that lost balance in life. A Sleepcation doesn’t mean you will spend all your hours away from home sleeping. Rather, it means focusing on recouping and relaxing - now, you may do this by getting a massage at the hotel spa, or with an early morning sesh of yoga nidra, reading a book by the pool, or even by chilling at the beach all day. It’s about slowing down and switching off. As far as this goes, all wellness vacations are Sleepcations.  

While a relaxed vacation is a tempting prospect, regardless of one’s level of exhaustion, it calls for an exploration of how exhausted we may be as a generation. Those who have made a business catering to this increasing demand for planned and purchase snooze time say that it is what the young millennial corporate worker needs to cope with burnout. While that may very well be so, we must stop and ask ourselves - why are we burning out at such a mass rate? And why are we selling luxury vacations as a remedy?

To give credit where it’s due, one is likely to come back refreshed and refuelled from a Sleepcation. So, yes, they do serve the purpose. But at the end of the day, it’s a temporary solution to a permanent problem. What happens when you get back to the grind of long hours, and less than adequate sleep? It is not uncommon for people to feel mildly depressed when they return from a vacation and back to work - the disillusionment with the very same hectic schedules that send us off to Sleepcations seems to be aggravated after one. And then, we settle into an ennui, for a while, until it’s time for another break. So goes the vicious cycle of daily rut-short break-daily rut. 


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