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5 Signs It's Time To Re-evaluate Your Skin-Care Routine

Written by Prachi Gangwani


In today's series of #OverheardAtWork, we have a young, impressionable woman who, much like Carrie Bradshaw, has some questionable priorities. Just like every 90's girl's fashion idol, Bradshaw, would spend all her money on shoes and fashion magazines, this 22-year-old new entrant into the world of lifestyle writers, would spend all her money on beauty products. Let's call her Bella. Bella has a thorough, multi-step skin-care routine. She goes home after stressful days at work, slaps on one of her many masks (not figurative masks; sheet masks), and basks in the glory of her ever-growing beauty product collection. Bella also has acne that doesn't seem to recede despite her dedication to caring for her skin. She is of the belief that if it weren't for the products she uses, her acne would be far worst.

I beg to differ. To me, it's a sign that she needs to change her skin-care regime. Here's how:

You have frequent break-outs, or more often and spread out than before. Acne is a skin disease that warrants treatment. The causes are several. Nonetheless, if you are breaking out, instead of piling on products that come recommended by the Internet, consult a dermatologist, and figure out what it is that your skin needs.

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You use too many products. Your skin is best left alone. Most people with clear, aspirational skin will tell you that they don't do much for its upkeep. Skin-care should be simple, with as little steps as possible. Only the necessary.

You don't pay attention to what you eat. Food is the foundational brick of good health, and that includes your skin. If you eat too much greasy food, too much sugar, or consume too much alcohol, it will show on your face. If you've not spared a thought to the food you consume while devising your skin-care routine, you are neglecting an essential aspect.

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Your skin-care routine doesn't include proper cleansing. Hygiene goes beyond using a make-up remover to wipe off your make-up before you go to bed, or using charcoal masks to pull out those blackheads. Good hygiene is simple, and consistent, and doesn't require more than an effective face wash and water.

The products you use cause itchiness, a burning sensation or redness. Sure, some treatments may leave you with slight itchiness, burning sensation or redness in their wake. But, that's the healing process of procedures like chemical peels. A product that you use on a daily basis should not cause any such discomfort. If it is, then that's an indubitable sign that you've got to stop using it!


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