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4 Things I Stopped Doing With My Face And Hair In My 30s (And I'm Glad I Did!)

Written by Prachi Gangwani


Things change when you hit the big 3.0. You finally begin to feel like you've achieved something in your career; you care less about what others think of you; you start caring more about your health; you are done with flaky men and fake friendships; self-care changes from a night of binge-drinking to enjoying a drink or two either in your own prestigious company, or with those you love. Slowly, and surely, your skin-care and beauty habits also change. Perhaps, you start an anti-ageing regime, or maybe you now go for more frequent and thorough massages. 

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For me, 30s meant putting a halt to some of my "carefree" beauty habits of the last decade. Here are four things I stopped doing when I crossed over to the other side: 

Going to bed without removing my make-up: I've known that it is a cardinal sin to go to bed with your make-up still on, ever since I started wearing make-up. But, in my 20s, I would occasionally hit the sack without putting in the effort to clean my skin. Now, no more. No matter how tired or drunk I may be, I still do it. 

Using poor quality make-up: One can find good quality make-up that doesn't burn a hole in the pocket, but when you're in your 20s, it's more important (and tempting) to save a few rupees, even if that means compromising on the quality of the products you use. This is not a wise thing to do for two reasons - one, it takes a toll on the skin, and two, it doesn't look good. Take it from someone who's worked with a lot of make-up artists - one can ALWAYS tell cheap, poor quality make-up apart! 

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Mindlessly colouring my hair: I've had bright blue hair. I've had turquoise hair. I've had green hair. And of course, many shades of red. I've also had damaged and rough hair beyond redemption. I've had hair fall that left carpets on backrests and sweaters. And of course, embarrassing dandruff that couldn't be rid of, with Head & Shoulders, despite Kareena Kapoor's vehement promises. But, here's the real irony - at 32, I have more salt than pepper in my hair! I colour to cover the greys, and steer clear of cosmetic colours. They are awful for that mane!   

Using just about anything simply because it's currently trending, or is fashionable: I am not going to purchase the latest on Nykaa just because it's all over their Instagram. I have stopped experimenting too much with new brands, too. I tried a sheet mask only once, and that was for work. The last time I used a "trending" product, I broke out and, for the first time in my life, had to deal with acne


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