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5 Beauty Myths Almost All Of Us Have Fallen For At Some Point

Written by Vineeta S


Sometimes, it feels like I have spent most of my 23-years alive battling, or perhaps living a lie. Okay I may be getting a little over-dramatic here, but when you find yourself constantly busting lies, you might as well end up calling everything a sham.  

At 10, we learnt that there’s no Tooth Fairy. At 20, we discovered there’s no fairy tale love. That was all fine - just a part of growing up. But, to find out that the beauty tips that were handed down to us by our mothers, aunts and grandmothers, were actually bogus - THAT was truly heartbreaking!  

No, it’s true. Those hand-me-down beauty tips that had us believing the most bizarre things, were a mine of misinformation that no one thought to double check. It’s about time the bubble was burst about some of the biggest beauty myths of all times! You’re welcome!

skin care myths

Creams will help you get rid of stretch marks: All the beauty companies that claim on making creams to help the skin get rid of stretch marks, are not selling you a product but a well advertised lie. Stretch marks are a result of broken down elastin and collagen during the expansion of skin in a short span of time. For example, during weight gain and pregnancy. Since the marks develop under the top layer of the skin, no cream that is applied to erase them reaches the affected part to actually invoke change. Where creams DO work is in preventing the stretch marks. This is why dermatologists recommend using these creams before the belly starts showing, and not after you’ve had the baby.

If you pull out one grey hair, five more grow in its place: A grey hair on your scalp means that the follicle producing the hair has stopped generating colour. This is why soon after one strand from the follicle goes grey, the rest arising out of it follow suit. But that has nothing to do with you plucking them out at the root!

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Shaving will lead to thicker hair: In India while most women have easy access to waxing parlours to get rid of body hair, it is not quite the case abroad. A lot of us rely on razors for emergencies and only emergencies, because it is perceived that the hair that grows back on the skin is somehow thicker than the one we shaved off. This is not true. Shaving results in a blunt cut of the hair, which is why the it seems a little coarse, but it has no effect whatsoever on the thickness and texture of the hair. It is simply the fact that your hair doesn’t taper off because you cut it mid-length, and opposed to pulling it out at the root.  

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Caffeine is bad for your skin: Coffee or caffeine, a product that is pegged as your daily villain, is actually quite rich in antioxidants that help one in fighting symptoms of ageing. Whether you drink it, or apply oils extracted from its seed source, or use DIY scrubs made with filtered coffee beans, caffeine is known to increase the collagen and elastin levels in your body, and help you attain firmer and tighter skin. 

skin care myths

Skin adapts to your daily products, and starts resisting change
As much as people claim that you need to keep switching your daily skincare products because after a while your skin gets used to them, and resists any change, it is all just a myth. Like the food you eat doesn’t stop affecting your skin, no product does either. Our skin alway stays receptive to what it is exposed to, and that is that.


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