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How To Look After Your Skin Daily In 3 Simple Steps

Written by Vineeta S


I am a working millennial woman. I have early mornings and late nights all the time, which would imply I also have layers of make-up and products on my skin most of the time I spend outside. This is all fine, up until the point when on certain days, I come home, too tired to even blink any more than necessary, and just doze off without taking any of it off of my face.

Our routine can often get the best of us. It makes one wonder… when was the last time we took a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror? When was the last time we didn’t rush out of the shower, struggling with what to wear, and leave the house with wet hair and crooked liner? When was the last time we actually took care of our skin? Yeah, probably too long ago to even remember.

But that needs to change, for the simple reason that we deserve better. Our skin deserves better. It is practically the largest organ in our body, and is constantly at the brunt of sun’s rays, and pollution. It is also the most neglected.

A skin-care routine may seem like too much effort, too much of an indulgence, but once you start seeing the results, you wouldn’t want to compromise on it. Your daily skin-care routine doesn’t have to be too complicated or time-consuming. In fact, we believe the simpler it is, the better. That way, you’ll be able to sustain it. We’ve eased it out for you in three simple yet absolutely non-negotiable steps.

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CleanseNo matter how late you get in, or how early you have to be at work the next day, always remember to clean your face gently and thoroughly with warm water. We recommend you remove your make-up before washing the face, but always always wash away the day's impurities that have nestled on your face. The last thing you need is clogged pores!

MoisturiseThink of this step as feeding your skin. Take ample amount on your hands, and spread across the face in a light-layer for proper nourishment and hydration of the skin. Moisturisers, serums or anti-aging creams, all have ingredients and nutrients that the skin needs, and before going to bed or stepping out of the house, it is essential to surge the skin with some sort of a lubrication to maintain that smooth and soft glow for the long haul.

Tend to the lips: The skin on the lips is thinner than on the face. And, with us frequently applying lipsticks, combined with exposure to food, dirt and other pollutants during the day, the lips tend to get chapped. And unless you want to walk around with bumpy lips, to kill every chance for that spontaneous kiss, we suggest you pay attention to your precious pout. Use a lip balm to keep them hydrated and let the balmy product heal and provide that rosy plump you need for that supple look!


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