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Is Your Body Telling You It's Time To Quit Your Job?

After over a year and a half into my last job, something strange began to happen. I started struggling waking up in the morning. Let me clarify that I am a morning person, and have historically taken immense pride, and drawn immense peace, from waking up even before street vendors would begin calling out the names of vegetables they were selling. In my city, that starts to happen before the kids go to school! Point is - endlessly snoozing my alarm, waking up just in time to get dressed, get half an hour of workout in, pack my meals for the day, and rush out the door, was not like me! Not having a leisurely hour to myself first thing in the morning was not like me! Then, I noticed something even stranger - this struggle was limited to days I had to go to work. Come weekend, I'd be up bright and shiny, often well before my alarm would go off!

The last few months were marked with a vague sense of ill-ease. A faint stomach ache, or mild dizziness that I could easily blame on poor air quality. But, then again, I'd be forced to wonder if it isn't something to do with my job when the moment I would leave the building, I'd feel good as new! The point I'm trying to make is - my body knew it was time to quit long before I did, as is often the case. Sure enough, the day I put in my papers, I stopped feeling dizzy or nauseous at work. I knew my time here was served.

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The body is a temple of wisdom, that continuously tells us our truth, even if we don't want to hear it. Often, we don't want to hear it. One can't be blamed for considering practicality and logistics over nebulous bodily sensation while making important life decisions. That said, it is when the body is ignored that we find ourselves in trouble - debilitating illness that seems to crop out of nowhere; stress peaking to unmanageable levels and manifesting as hypertension, strokes, and whatnot; depression, loneliness, and a myriad of physical and mental issues. The truth of the body doesn't just fade. It invades.

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But, how exactly does the body communicate that you are unhappy in your job, and are deluding yourself into staying here simply out of laziness, comfort, fear, or greed? It can be something as mild and indistinct as a stomach ache after you have your lunch, or something as blatant as weight gain or lack of sleep, or something in between. You may find yourself easily irritated, or not interest in spending time with loved ones. Perhaps it is a general fatigue that just doesn't seem to abate. Your motivation level drops. You get stress headaches. You smoke more, or drink more - basically, indulge your vices more than usual. Maybe, you even fall sick often! But, something just doesn't feel right. You are not happy, and your body knows it! Maybe it's time to pay heed to it? 

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