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7 Practical Things I Do To Attain That Aspirational "Inner Peace" (And Yoga Is NOT One Of Them)

Written by Keeping Zen


Contributed by Malvika C. Rajan

Every time I think of the words 'Inner Peace,' I'm reminded of the movie Kung Fu Panda; the scene where Master Shifu is meditating and chanting “Inner peace, inner peace …inner… inner… inner peace!” While meditating may be one method of attaining peace, let's face it... we’re not getting out of this rat-race called life long enough to sit in some cave and meditate for a thousand years. So, how can we attain inner peace in a life where fatigue, depression, anger, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, defeat and dissatisfaction are running wild like some unchecked tumour?  

I don’t remember where I heard this phrase, "Stressing means worrying twice,” but truer words could not have been said. So, here’s my two cents on how to quickly invoke inner peace in your life. FYI, these are tried and tested. If they work for me, surely some of them may work for you, too? 

Breathe: Taking 5-7 deep breaths can bring a kind of clarity in stressful situations. It helps you analyse the situation better, and then you act better. Plus, this way, more oxygen comes into the system!

Stop over-thinking ‘it’: Whatever ‘it’ is, it's either something that happened in the past or something that will happen in the future. Your over-thinking just adds to the stress, and depletes your mental energy. So, try to save your thinking for when it really matters. But, how does one do this? Remember this: Overthinking about something in the past, won’t change it and if it’s in the future, wait till you come to it. Bring yourself back to the present - to THIS moment. What's happening in this moment? You are reading these words. That's all. That's all that's happening. 

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Take the decision: More often than not, our stress is caused as much by indecision as it is by frustrating situations. Things as small as what to cook for dinner, or how many people to invite to your wedding, indecision is the new smoking! If a decision is to be taken, TAKE IT; quickly and (try to) stick to it. 

Go for a walk: If you start feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings or by whatever is stressing you out, take a stroll or a walk, or go for a jog for a few minutes. Being outdoors, in nature and breathing in fresh air (unless, of course, you live in the NCR) does wonders for the mind. 

Prioritise, compartmentalise and delegate: If you want something done properly, do it yourself! Right?! While we may think we can do it all, sometimes, we can’t. This is when you prioritise what is urgent, compartmentalise what is unimportant, and delegate what you can't do at that moment. Even if you think you can handle it, there’s no harm in asking for a little help once in a while.

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Third-party perspective: Imagine looking at your life from someone else’s point of view, or better still, talk to a friend, parent, or partner about what is bothering you. Talking about our problems, helps put them into perspective and ironically, the insights that an outsider provides us, can often be quite helpful. 

Zone out: This should be self-explanatory, but if you just spend a few seconds or minutes by zoning out or staring at something, you’re able to distract yourself long enough to get back to the real world feeling mildly rejuvenated. 

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