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Six Women Tell Us The Best Beauty Tip They Got From Their Mom

Written by Vineeta S


My mother has been my superhero. From scaring away the monsters  I thought were hiding under my bed, to kissing away my bruises; from helping me get into the college of my dreams, to helping me get over the one  I thought was the man of my dreams; from cheering me on for my victories, to encouraging me to get back up after my defeats, she has been the epitome of selflessness and love. With magic in her touch and honey in her words, sometimes tough, sometimes softer than a feather brush, she has undoubtedly been the only pillar I ever needed to build an empire of my own. Be it about boys or about beauty, she’s always donned me with expert advice that has gotten me through all the heartbreaks and pimple outbursts. And while we cannot control matters of the heart, those of skin and beauty are at least always well taken care of by mommy dearest.

We asked six women about the beauty tips they learnt from their mother. Here’s what they told us:

Radhika, Fashion Student

Mother's Day Beauty Tips

“My mother has always correlated beauty with peace of mind and body, and told me that no amount of beauty creams can undo the damage stress and worry cause to anyone’s skin. Her beauty tip for me has been to focus on being happy for an everlasting beautiful face!”

Garima, Travel Executive

Mother's Day Beauty Tips

“Maa has, and still repeats her beauty philosophy to me that ‘less is always more’, and I must be very careful with the amount of makeup I layer my face with.”

Yashima, Auditor

Mother's Day Beauty Tips

“My mum has had too many tips to give all these years, but one that she insists the most on, is to use honey on my face at least once a week, to maintain the glow of my skin, that she so dearly loves.”

Sanya, Fashion Student

Mother's Day Beauty Tips

“My mother has time and again, reminded me that I am naturally beautiful and tipped me to always eat healthy and well, because whatever we eat from fried to nutritious, reflects on our skin.”

Saloni, Auditor

Mother's Day Beauty Tips

“I haven’t been in a habit to use a lot of makeup, something I think I get from my mother. But if there is a beauty tip that she herself has sworn by and made me too, is to be in the habit of using aloe vera gel on my face and remove any makeup on my skin before going to bed!”

Shivangi, Social Media Manager

Mother's Day Beauty Tips

“Being raised by a queen like her has surely instilled some royal values in me. My mom has always made it a point for me to use and apply cucumber juice at night on my face, for a longer lasting glow and increased hydration of the skin.”

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