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Three Male Models Spill The Beans On Their Beauty Routine As… Well, Models

Written by Vineeta S


The Oxford dictionary describes beauty as: ‘A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.’

However, culturally, we have come to restrict the word to predominantly describe women, and not men. One field that this phenomenon leaves its ripples in, more than others, is the performing arts. Whether it’s acting, or theatre, or dancing, or modeling, the conversation around beauty is reserved for the women, while men silently apply layers of foundation and concealer in ignored green-rooms.

Of the various performing arts, let’s look at the one that is founded on visual appeal and aesthetics - modeling. That women have to spend hours getting decorated by their MUA is no secret. But, the idea that men too, like their female ramp-walking counterparts, are required to put in the effort to look “flawless,” as they say, and are involved in everything makeup and beauty, seems like a hard pill to swallow.

For female consumers and endorsers, beauty - both cosmetic and therapeutic - is a billion dollar industry. For men, however, any talk about using cosmetics that would stray them away from what should be their ‘natural bold look’ is often brushed under the rug.

We want to see male models walk the ramp and actors light up the stage, but talk about a touch up for them, and it is followed by a confused raised eyebrow. Beauty is for women, after all… So much so that even the adjective ‘beautiful’ has been reduced to a compliment just for the female!  

When did beauty become gender specific? The same thing that can hide a woman’s pores and make her skin glow, can be used to for similar results on the man, without compromising on his machismo.

We get it. When we look at male models, only so many things cross our minds - “His hair, OMG!” “Are those abs photoshopped?” “Such a chiseled body! He must be hitting the gym at least twice every day.” That, along with a few skipped heartbeats and convulsions down there is a fair representation of every feeling that we ever get when we look at male models. To us, that is what they are limited to, a sculpture with a killer body. The kind of beauty that comes from action, and not from decoration.

We don’t spare a thought for the fact  that male models too, much like the female divas, have to work on their contoured faces, perfect hair, and that million dollar smile. Like many others, they are not born with impeccable jawlines, but they do realise the importance of it in their line of work, and how being considerate about how they look, doesn’t make them less masculine, but more confident.  

In a vein to find out more, we reached out to three upcoming actors/models, who share with us how, while working in the line of fashion, what beauty has come to mean to them.

Taaruk Raina, Actor

male model beauty

Taaruk Raina, a rising star who embodies talent through his acting, singing and anchoring skills, recently also played Aladdin in the Disney Live Musical. He tells us how theater has changed everything for him: “When you’re an actor, you start going deeper into subjects and situations that you take for granted otherwise. A high level of scepticism comes into play, as you get used to living with a sense of uncertainty about everything. Your appearance becomes more important than anything, and you realise the importance of taking care of your body, your skin and your hair.”

Being an actor, everytime he is on a shoot, or goes on stage to perform live, he has to put on makeup. That’d be maybe 10 days a month on average, and sometimes even more.  This has enabled him to view beauty in many and more substantial aspects rather than just “fair and handsome.”

Arjun Zander, Fashion Model

male model beauty

Arjun Zander, a glamorous fashion model, who has walked the ramp for designers like Shantanu and Nikhil, Shivan and Narresh and Sahil Aneja, is a firm believer of the saying: “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’.” For him, anything and everything which inspires him or makes him feel calm or positive is beauty. And being in the fashion fraternity, one thing that gets him that comfort and positivity is his work. He acknowledges makeup is a big part of his work, but he has no qualms in using it in his personal life as well. As he once mentioned in an interview with Cosmopolitan India (in the 2018 November Print Issue), “If covering up a few spots can make a woman feel good about herself, why can’t a man do the same? I love a flawless face and this is coming from a man who is completely straight!

He understands the need for looking and feeling good and says “In my personal life I just use cold cream in winters, and moisturizer cream in summer. I also make it a point to drink a lot of water to keep my skin in good condition!

Krishna Chaturvedi, Actor/Model

male model beauty

Krishna Chaturvedi, a successful model and actor in the industry, for whom entering the fashion industry and seeing his face on a billboard was a far-sighted dream, is now creating ripples in the fraternity and shares how working in fashion has changed him: “It doesn't just groom a person physically through appearance but also makes a great difference in a person's attitude and outlook towards everything through experience and the journey it provides.

Krishna believes, starting from the sky to the depth of water, or a kid's laughter to an old person's eyes, beauty lies in many forms.  On the use of makeup, he said: “Makeup, according to me can be a strong weapon to change anyone's looks and transform personalities but I think it's up to a person's choice to use it or not.” He finds himself to be more comfortable without it on a daily basis, but he admits the significance of it, and often uses it to highlight his features, unapologetically.



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