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Kalki Koechlin's Pregnancy Is A Reminder That In Life, There Are No Rules

Written by K Z


Kalki Koechlin has never been one to live by the rules. French by birth and Tamilian by culture, Kalki has always questioned boxed identity, and boxed living. From being vocal about not wanting to be a mother, to how her view of family and love changed after her divorce with Anurag Kashyap, to being in a long-distance relationship, and now, in her mid-thirties, five months pregnant, Kalki has shown us time and again that we are born to evolve. 


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In an exclusive interview with HT Brunch, Koechlin confirm her pregnancy with her Israeli pianist boyfriend Guy Hershberg. Talking about her sensitivity to smells in the first trimester, she says, “I really don’t get how nature ensures the survival of the species; the first three months are just so unpleasant.” 

Kalki plans to have a natural birth with the help of a midwife in Goa. She has chosen a name that is gender-neutral. As a mother, she wants to be engaged and not follow any rulebook of parenting. 

A glimpse into her daily life will reveal that she has broken away from the bete noire that is social media, hectic shoots and damaging competitiveness. She has adopted the 'slow life,' and begins her days with yoga, walks along the beach, cooking and engaging with Guy's music. That's the life she hopes to offer to her child - a life of presence, a life of love. 

Kalki is not the first woman, whether in limelight or not, to have a baby out of wedlock. Neena Gupta and Konkona Sharma have not cared for the socially prescribed trajectory or life, and birthed and raised healthy, well-adjusted individuals. With that being said, society will judge, no matter who you are, or how well-intentioned your choices may be. For this, Koechlin has a strategy in place. "My superpower is disconnecting," she says. Now, that's a skill we all ought to learn if we want to live our lives our way! 



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