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Last Year, Jim Sarbh Made This Mother's Day Video. It's Still The Only Video That Matters

Written by Keeping Zen


It may be a glorious thing to be a mother, but the glofirication of motherhood that our culture has imbibed, harms many. It harms the unwilling mothers who were forced to birth their first, third, or fifth child. It harms the uninterested mothers who live in a perpetual state of nostalgia over a career they could have had, but never did. It harms the inadequate mother who can't live up to the social ideal of the all-giving, all-forgiving, forever benevolent, unshakeable protector and saviour... and that is basically every mother. 

Most of all, this glorification of motherhood harms the children of these mothers. In a world where the idea that to be a mother, is to love, is taken as an ultimate truth, what happens to children of unloving mothers? 

Last year, when a brand approached Jim Sarbh to create a video for mother's day, he decided to break the silence around mothers who don't fit this ideal. The powerful video still remains the only Mother's Day video that truly matters!  



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