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With Fake Virgin Blood Capsules Readily Available On Amazon, It’s Time To Debunk Some Shitty Myths About Female Sexuality

Packed in a beautiful white box, with calming pink flowers, i-Virgin - Blood for the First Night contains high quality blood powder, contains no toxins, has no side-effects, and needs no needles, surgery, or anaesthesia to create the illusion of virginity. The product description reads as follows: 

Alternative for Hymenoplasty ✅ + Blood for the First Night ✅ + Safe and Anonymous✅ Introduce the mini pill with blood - powder simply finger deep and about 2-4 hours before the planned night. The high-quality blood powder contained therein have then completely dissolved. This is intended for the use of 30 minutes - 2 hours before the scheduled traffic and also reliably confirms your virginity by our mini pill.


The pack, which contains two pills (because just in case your husband wants proof second time around), costs 3600 rupees, and can be purchased on a doable EMI of only 146. 


ivirgin fake blood for the first night amazon

No, this is not a joke, and TBH, in a country where virginity is viewed as a character certificate for a woman, it is unsurprising that this is readily available. But haven’t we learnt that bleeding is not a sign of virginity? That the hymen can break in other ways too? Of course not, because there’s only one thing we know how to do well when it comes to female sexuality, and that is, ignore it. It’s abysmal how little we know or care to learn about the female body and sexuality, and when it comes to breaking the silence around it, everybody is responsible - men, women, everyone. So, let’s talk about some ridiculous myths about female sexuality, that should be discarded: 

That women don’t enjoy casual sex, or prefer to have only one partner for life.

No, women are human. They have fantasies, and some of these are sexual. They feel lustful. They get turned off. They get bored. Sometimes, they just want to have NSA sex. Like any human being out there! 

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That women don’t need to have orgasms.

This insipid myth has led to the shocking orgasm gap between the sexes. What kind of a ridiculous sentiment is this, anyway? Anybody who is sexually active needs to have an orgasm. But, apathy toward female pleasure has led us to create such nonsensical myths about female sexuality - like female orgasm is harder to achieve, or clitoral orgasm is infantile and pointless, or the only way a woman can orgasm is through penetration. So on and so forth. We’ll do anything to needlessly complicate matters and distract ourselves from the real concern - which is, that when a woman has sex, or any sort of sexual encounter, she should have an orgasm. 

ivirgin fake blood for first night amazon

That pain during sex is normal.

No! Just no! Let’s not make believe that sex is inherently violent. It’s not. This is another convenience and misogyny driven myth designed to keep women’s sexual autonomy curbed. Of course, is one is having penetrative sex for the first time, it may be a bit uncomfortable, and you may feel a pin prick or few if the hymen tears. But, besides this, sex is not supposed to be painful. Not ever. If it is, you either need lube, or a gynaecologist. 

That a woman’s libido decreases with age.

Not true. What is true is that women in their 30s and 40s have a higher libido than younger women, and that they are able to have more frequent and stronger orgasms. Part of this may be because older women have more sexual experience, and know their body more intimately. They know what they like, what works for them, and what doesn’t. Ironically, this may also be the reason behind this culture of de-sexualising older women - because they are more in tune with their own pleasure than a younger woman who may be more eager to please the man, and only the man. 


Image Source: Amazon, Pexels

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