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Is Skin-Care Vanity, Or Self-Love?

Written by Keeping Zen


Contributed by Vandana Chawla 

I’m almost 60-years-old, and am happy to say that I have pretty good skin. At this age, it is common to have sagging skin, lines and wrinkles around the eyes, open pores, discolouration and no shine. I take care of my skin, and have, since I was a little girl. 

Once or twice, I made the mistake of pointing out to a close friend that she would benefit from a facial, or asked if she applied any moisturising cream at night. The answer that I got: "I don’t have the time for it." The underlying implication was that I, on the other hand, was vain and idle, and was only focused on my looks. 

Am I vain? Not really. Am I idle and look after my skin because I have all the time in the world? Absolutely not! I work six days a week, have a busy social life, and responsibilities at home. But because I like to practice self-love, I look after myself. And that includes my skin. 

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So, to anyone who says that they don’t have the time for skin-care, I say, "Ha! 
That applies to almost everything else in life!" 

People say, "I don’t have the time to exercise;" "I don’t have time to read;" "Don’t have time to meet old friends and relatives..." And so on. Truth is, whatever we prioritise in life, we will find or create the time for that. It’s all about priorities. If you find yourself lamenting the shortage of time as a reason to not being able to do an important task or activity, ask yourself, “Is it really important?” Because if it was, you would have created the time for it. It’s all about what drives you, and what you hold dear. 

Time available to each of us in one day, is the same. It is how we allocate those 24 hours that ultimately shapes what we do, what we can accomplish in the short-, and long-term.

One of the ways to make more time in the day is to wake up early. All my life, I have woken up early. The home is quiet, the family still asleep, there is time to pause, think, collect my thoughts, review the day gone by, and plan the day ahead. In essence, it’s an opportunity to balance oneself. As is my skin-care routine! 


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